If you have Mars in Cancer with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Hurry Home Body

You are the most confrontational of the Mars in Cancer Lovers. You’re not going to sit back all sexy and nice and hope someone gives you the love and emotional support you need; you go out and demand it. Nor are you likely to be satisfied with merely security and comfort in your relationships. You have a strong sense of pride and you also need your partner to recognize all your talents and abilities. Of all the Mars in Cancer Lovers you are the most protective of your Beloved and the most likely to come out swinging if you feel that your partner is being threatened. You are not afraid to fight for what you need but you are even more willing to fight for the one you love.

Your erotic life is naturally full of fire, conflict and crazy passion. Your feelings are so strong and your desires so compelling that you have no time for either gentleness or good manners. Perhaps more importantly, the contradictions within your sexual nature often cause you to veer wildly between aggression and passivity. One moment you are giving yourself completely, the next you are angrily demanding a refund. The person who loves you must be prepared for a challenge, but a sexier and more seductive challenge would be hard to imagine.



The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (born Feb. 22, 1788 adb) might be taken as a cautionary example of this type. In his writings, Schopenhauer proposed that love was just a trick played by nature to assure propagation and he was an unabashed misogynist. Despite these opinions, the philosopher had several passionate love affairs with women during his life and died of syphilis. Nina Hartley (born March 11, 1961 adb) expounds a somewhat different view of sex. A bi-sexual porn star and a feminist with a degree in nursing (she graduated magna cum laude,) Hartley has long been a vocal defender of pornography and of a “pro-sex” lifestyle.

Another examples of The Hurry Home Body are film icon, Audrey Hepburn (born May 4, 1929 adb.) Despite her prim, girlish appearance, Hepburn was involved in several torrid affairs and two failed marriage in her search for domestic bliss. When she finally found it, late in life and without the blessing of matrimony, she accepted it gladly and unashamedly. Other examples include political commentator George Stephanopoulos (born Feb. 10, 1961 adb,) singer and actress Liza Minnelli (born March 12, 1946 adb) and basketball stars Isiah Thomas (born Apr. 30, 1961 adb) and Tim Duncan (born Apr. 25, 1976 adb.)