If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Secret Extremist

You are the Mars in Aries Lover who knows how to save a little bit for later. You seem to approach love with all guns a blazing but you never quite as caught up in the passion of the moment as you appear. You have a deeper understanding of the power of sex and love than most Aries Lovers and for this reason you are always holding back. There are levels of sexual fire and emotional commitment hidden within you that only the most adventurous and worthy of partners will ever plumb. Lucky them!

You can be ruthless when it comes to love. You have a way of going after what you want with a combination of recklessness and a cunning disregard for all the rules that can be disturbing.  You are also the Mars in Aries Lover who is most likely to find pleasure in sex on the sly. You are the most secretive lover of this type and most skilled in the arts of deception. Still, given the tremendous allure of your considerable sex appeal, your sins are almost always forgiven.



This is also one of the rare combination but we still have several interesting examples. The scariest is Girolamo Savonarola (born Sept. 30, 1452 adb,) the fiery monk who led a religious revival in Renaissance Florence and came up with the idea of a “bonfire of vanities” in which frivolous and non-religious objects, including some great works of art, were burned.· Also in the scary category is the writer, Anne Rice (born Oct. 4, 1941 adb,) whose Interview with a Vampire and the series of novels that followed it made vampires sexy again.

Also, counted among The Secret Extremist we have “Mama” Cass Eliot (born Sept 19, 1941 adb,) the plus-sized singer who found success with her spectacular voice first with The Mamas and the Papas and then on her own. At the height of her fame, when she and the rest of The Mamas and Papas were reveling in the anything-goes hedonism of the 1960s, Eliot became pregnant. She gave birth to a daughter but never revealed the name of the father.··

Other examples include Jesse Jackson (born Oct. 8, 1941 adb,) who had his political aspirations curtailed after it was revealed that he had fathered a child in an extramarital affair and Linda McCartney (born Sept. 24, 1941 adb) the first wife Paul McCartney.