If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Exuberant Extremist

You are the most optimistic, open and altogether positive Lover of this (or any other) Mars type. Your approach to loving is so fresh and free, so brimming with idealism and energy that sex becomes an act of inspiration for you. You are a very curious Lover, always ready to respond to any sexual challenge. At times you can be foolish and clumsy and you have a disconcerting tendency to place more confidence in your ideals than you do the facts, but these faults typically only add to your charm. You are an exhilarating partner who can make the most mundane sexual situation seem magical.

Physical sex always means less to you than the passion and the ideals that surround it. The relationships that really hold you will be those that are based less on sex and more on intellectual and spiritual affinity. In these situations you can be a very loyal Lover. Otherwise, you will go wherever the next inspiration or wave of passion happens to take you.



It is not surprising considering the idealism of this type that three of the examples we have were celibates. Paramhansa Yogananda (born Jan. 5, 1893 adb) was an Indian mystic and teacher who traveled the world with his message of self-realization. Then we have two poets: the much loved American, Emily Dickinson (born Dec. 20, 1830 adb) and her English contemporary, Christina Rossetti (born Dec. 5, 1830 adb,) who was the unmarried sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter, Gabrielle Rossetti.Another noted example was the English author and sexual researcher, Havelock Ellis (Feb. 2, 1859 adb,) whose book on homosexual behavior shocked the world in the late 19th century and landed him in court. Ellis enjoyed an open marriage to a free-thinking lesbian though, because of his own quirky sexuality, his affairs with other women were limited.

Another Exuberant Extremist was the Nazi Reich Marshall, Hermann Göring (born Jan. 12, 1893 adb) whose sex life was curtailed after he was shot in the groin a short time after his marriage to a Swedish countess. Göring idolized his wife, who helped him in his murderous climb up the Nazi hierarchy.· Norman Mailer (born Jan. 31, 1923 adb,) also idolized his wives, all six of them, but he preferred brawling with them. One particularly violent disagreement with his second wife ended with him stabbing her.· A more peaceful example is the actor Kevin Costner (born Jan. 18, 1955 adb.)

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