If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Pisces  

you are . . .

The Breakable Extremist

You may be the most romantic, volatile, and alluring of all the Mars in Aries Lovers. You combine enormous erotic vitality with a real emotional need for human contact. Unfortunately, this emotional openness also makes you one of the most vulnerable Lovers of this type. The reckless abandon that characterizes the Mars in Aries approach to sex invariably brings you pain and sorrow. It would all be so much easier if you could exercise a little caution in your love life, but what would be the fun in that?

Because of your emotionally vulnerable nature, your attitude toward sex and love changes a great deal as you age. Your sexual energy in your youth is so irresistible and your optimism so strong that you rush into relationships. After you’ve been bumped and bruised a few times, you become more cautious and more aware of the psychic scars that love can leave. It is only natural that, later in life,  you will be wary of your passions and maybe even a little vindictive but you must be mindful not to make the people who love you in the present suffer for the mistakes of those who failed you in the past.



Our examples of The Breakable Extremist start with the romantic composer Frederick Chopin (born March 1, 1810 adb.) After apparently losing his virginity and contracting a venereal disease almost immediately after leaving his home in Poland, Chopin was somewhat shy of sex. Even the allure of noted writer, feminist and lusty Mars in Taurus Lover, Aurora Dupin Dudevant, (more commonly known as George Sand) couldn’t completely ignite his sensuality. The two had an active sex life for the first couple of years of their long affair, at Sand’s insistence, but the relationship became less sexual as time went on and Chopin’s health deteriorated. He died two years after the couple separated·

Another example is the great novelist, Charles Dickens (born Feb. 7, 1812 adb.) Dickens harbored an enduring dislike for his long-suffering wife. This dislike did not stop the writer from getting Mrs. Dickens pregnant a total of 15 times during their twenty odd years of marriage but it did cause him to develop a series of obsessive, though apparently platonic, infatuations with· younger women. The last of these infatuations, involving a teenage actress, caused his wife to demand a separation··

·The Russian ballet impresario, Sergei Diaghilev (born March 31, 1872 wik) helped make his gifted lover; Vaslav Nijinski, a dancing legend. Later, when the young dancer fell in love with a woman, the vengeful Diaghilev made it his business to destroy Nijinski’s career.

More contemporary examples include model/actress; Ursula Andress (born March 19, 1936 adb,) who left men breathless the 1960s when she emerged, buff and bikinied, from the sea as one of the first “Bond” girls. She drew attention again in the 1980s with her impetuous affair with actor Harry Hamlin who was almost 20 years her junior.·Talk-show host David Letterman (born Apr. 12, 1947 adb) tried to be more discreet about his private life until he was forced to confess to an affair on national TV, while actress Kate Hudson's (Apr. 19, 1979 wik.) penchant for marrying and dating famous rock muscians and athletes has opened her love life to a great deal of public scrutiny. Other examples of this type include Scottish actor James McAvoy (born Apr. 21, 1979 wik) and the British pin-up girl and singer Samantha Fox (born Apr. 15, 1966 adb.)