If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Libra 

you are . . .

The Embarrassed Extremist

You are the Mars in Aries Lover who needs love most of all and this puts you in an extremely poor bargaining position. You throw yourself into the pursuit of your Beloved, exposing all your weakness and, thus, positioning yourself for every kind of hurt. You idealize the people you love, ignoring their faults, exaggerating their strengths and giving them your absolute devotion. This capacity for unqualified affection and loyalty is perhaps your most winning trait. Of course, it can also be your most troublesome trait on those frequent occasions when you pursue the wrong person.

Consistency is also a problem for you. Your tendency to idealize the person you love can turn ugly if and when that person fails to live up to your expectations. At such time your disappointment can cause you to lash out, to turn cold and to generally behave badly toward your Beloved. You fly easily between extremes of love and hate, blind sexual passion and clinical criticism. Of course, once you find the right person, the person who is truly deserving of your unquestioning devotion, these extremes of your sexual temperament will be greatly mollified.



This is also a rare combination and relatively few celebrity examples. Perhaps the most famous of them is the American poet e. e. cummings (born Oct. 14, 1894. adb,) Cummings spent years as the secret lover of the wife of a wealthy friend and benefactor. When this couple finally divorced, the poet immediately married the woman of his dreams and almost just as quickly the relationship went sour.·

·Another example ofThe Embarrassed Extremist is the soul singer Otis Redding (born Sept. 9, 1941 wik.) Handsome and charismatic, Redding was famous around his hometown of Macon, Georgia for his skill at seducing women even before he became famous as a singer. Then he shocked his friends when he suddenly became smitten with a skinny local girl named Zelma Atwood. The two were married when Redding was twenty and remained together despite his constant traveling and continued philandering for the remainder of Redding’s short life.·

·Other examples include actress Emma Stone (born Nov. 6, 1988 wik) legendary football coach, Bill Parcells (born Aug. 22, 1941 wik) and David Bale (born Sept 2, 1941 wik,) the South African born pilot and activist who finally persuaded feminist, Gloria Steinem to marry.

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