If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Capricorn 

you are . . .

The Earthy Extremist

You are a Mars in Aries Lover who wants to take love to madcap extremes and has a 12 point plan on how to get there. The contrast between your desire for a wild and crazy sexual experiences and your essentially conservative approach to romance often make you behave in a clumsy and self-contradictory manner. At times you just don’t seem to know what you want but, since you are one of the most physical of the Mars in Aries Lovers and certainly the most practical, your confusion in this area by no means permanent. As long as you remain intent on putting all of the incredible Mars in Aries sexual energy to good, physically pleasurable use you will eventually find your way.

The main problem with your sexuality is your tendency to mix pleasure and pain. This does not have to mean whips and chains. You are quite gifted in burdening your sexual pleasure with misplaced feelings of guilt, obligation, regret and inadequacy. As far as you are concerned all these negative feeling are just part of the process of falling in love but you must beware of letting you capacity for misery drive you toward relationships that are destructive and unworthy of your down-to-earth sensuality.



Our first example of The Earthy Extremist is Paul Newman (born Jan. 26, 1925 adb,) whose enduring marriage with actress Joanne Woodward became a model of partnership between two people of extraordinary talent and fame. Then we have Molly Ringwald (born Feb. 18, 1968 adb,) who became everyone’s high school sweetheart during the 1980s. She has survived the end of her movie career and divorce to establish new life as a stage actress, complete with a steady boyfriend and a child.·Another strong-willed survivor in this group is model and TV star, Tyra Banks (born Dec. 4, 1975 wik.)

Other examples have not been so lucky. Princess Caroline of Monaco (born Jan. 27, 1957 adb) suffered through much adversity in her romantic life (including the death of one of her husbands) before she settled down with another European royal,·while the love lives of both American writer, James Agee (born Nov. 27, 1909 wik)· and the model/actress Margaux Hemingway (born Feb. 12, 1955 adb)· were largely unhappy and eventually fell prey to their alcoholism. Friends of composer Franz Schubert (born Jan. 31, 1797adb) noted the contrast between his heavenly music and his taste for booze and rowdy company, though nowadays biographers are unsure if they were upset because the composer was cavorting with male or female prostitutes. Syphilis was a contributing factor in his early death.

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