If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Virgo

you are . . .

The Friendly Liberator

You are an easygoing rebel who takes a more pragmatic approach to sex than most Mars in Aquarius Lovers. Your attitude toward the erotic is still extremely rational and nonjudgmental. You are likely to experiment and, once you find something that feels good, you won’t hesitate to do it as much as you can. It is your senses and not your ideals that guide your sexual choices and you will not seek controversy for its own sake. As far as you are concerned, using sex to make a point is a waste of sex.

You are one of the most agreeable Lovers of this type, always ready to compromise and anxious to please; but this does not make you the easiest to love. The fact is, you are more apt than any Mars in Aquarius Lover to shut out those you love from your emotional life. Your self-sufficiency means that even people who want to be close to you find themselves loving you from afar. You are a warm, witty, and exceptionally sexy Lover, but you can’t expect people to truly care about you if they can’t really know you.



Since this is a rare combination of Mars and Venus we have very few examples but the primary one is a well-known eccentric. Ed Wood Jr. (born Oct. 10, 1924 wik) was an actor, director and producer of low budget movies during the 1950s. He holds the distinction of being dubbed the “worst” filmmaker of all time. He was also a transvestite and one of his movies, Glen or Glenda, was a study of that lifestyle. Wood was very casual about his cross-dressing and accepted it as normal behavior. So did his wife. After multiple failures as a legitimate filmmaker, Wood went on to make pornographic films and to write several pornographic novels. Meanwhile, Wood’s “bad” movies had become a staple of late night television and, though he died nearly destitute, he was not forgotten.

Our next example of The Friendly Liberator is another noted eccentric, King Ludwig II of Bavaria (born Aug. 25, 1845 adb,) known for the fantasy castle he built, his infatuation with the work and the person of Richard Wagner and his royal refusal to marry.· A more conventional example is businessman and former head of the Chrysler Corp. Lee Iacocca (born Oct. 25, 1924 adb.)