If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Automatic Love Addict

You are a Lover driven by passions more powerful and more extraordinary than most people can even imagine. You are never at peace, never fully satisfied. Even in the happiest relationship you are always seeking more, always jockeying for a new emotional high. Your feelings are often extreme and compulsive but just as often they are ambiguous and indescribable. There is a mystical quality about you connections with other people and your affection often has a deep, spiritual dimension. But that doesn’t make those connections any more likely to last.

Obviously, you are not the kind of Lover everyone can value, or even endure.  At your worst you blow through people’s lives like a hurricane, leaving a path of shattered hearts and broken promises. At your very worst you use sex as a replacement for the emotional fulfillment that seems to constantly elude you. Your best, however, you can become an example of love at it most selfless and devoted, love that transcends the ordinary, the physical and even the emotional. Achieving this “best” will not be easy and many of you will fail but the fact that you’ve even attempted it should be enough to cancel out all your sins.



Our celebrity examples of The Automatic Love Addict start with the man who is sometimes considered the greatest lover of them all, Giacomo Casanova (born April 2, 1725 adb.) Of course, this estimation is based largely on claims made in his autobiography in which he details his sexual adventures across four decades and a dozen of so countries. Many of his encounters were quick and forgettable but Casanova was capable of falling in love and he did so several times.

Another example of this type noted for his fascination with sex was the British explorer Sir Richard Burton (born March 19, 1821 adb.) Though happily married, Burton vast knowledge of sex and his 16 volume translations The Arabian Nights, complete with all it erotic passages and his extensive footnotes, made him a pariah within the prime Victorian world into which he was born.

Then we have three tortured artists: Billie Holiday (born April 7, 1915 adb,) who struggled with drug addiction and a string of unstable and abusive lovers and husbands,·Vincent Van Gogh (born March 30, 1853 adb,) who struggled with mental illness and Heath Ledger (born April 4, 1979 wik,) whose promising career was cut short by an accidental drug overdose.

Happier examples include actress Michele Pfeiffer (born April 29, 1958 adb) and English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (born March 6, 1806 adb,) who was a reclusive invalid, addicted to morphine until her poetry attracted the attention of another noted poet, Robert Browning. The two writers were married when she was 39 and lived the proverbial “happily ever after.” After the consummation of their marriage Barrett Browning wrote that she was “living as in a dream.”

 If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Radical Love Addict

You are the ultimate dreamer — a romantic idealist awash in feelings and lofty hopes of perfect love. Like all Lovers of this type you are very sensitive and emotionally vulnerable but unlike other Mars in Pisces Lovers you don’t let yourself get totally carried away by the demands of your heart.  You have a plan, a vision of what love should be. You are capable of seeing beyond the rapture or the pain of the moment, beyond the false starts and serious misjudgments into which your volatile sexual nature so often leads your, toward a higher, stronger and enduring kind of relationship that captures the mind and well as the heart.

Is this goal, this very special relationship attainable? Does your plan, your vision take into account the ugly fact that both you and the person with whom you are to share your love are human beings? You are going to be constantly torn between pursuing you dream and accepting what life has to offer you. Following your dream to the bitter end might seem the natural choice but it can also be a very lonely choice if you never find a partner who can make it a reality.



Examples of The Radical Love Addict start with Ivana Trump (Feb. 20, 1949 adb.) When her romantic ideal, millionaire real estate developer Donald Trump, divorced her to marry a younger woman. Ivana was able to assuage her disappointment with a very substantial financial settlement.

Nell Gwyn (born Feb. 12, 1650 NS adb) is another example of the type who won the heart of a powerful man. As the mistress of King Charles II of England she was able to rise above her humble beginnings on the streets of London and become one of great celebrities of her day. Canny and uninhibited, Gwyn never worried about Charles’ other mistresses or sought to meddle in politics. When a group of Londoners began stoning her chariot, thinking it contained one of Charles’ Catholic paramours, Gwyn stuck her head out the window and politely advised them, “Be civil! I am the Protestant whore!”

Poet and art patron Gertrude Stein (born Feb. 3, 1874 adb,) found the ideal relationship she wanted with Alice B. Toklas and the two women became a permanent couple. Likewise writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (born Jan. 9, 1908 adb) found a love that embraced both the mind and the heart in her relationship with Jean Paul Sartre. Though they were never married and both of them had affairs with other people, their intellectual partnership and mutual regard never wavered.

Other examples of this type include heiress and television personality Paris Hilton (born Feb. 17, 1981 wik,) singer Elton John (born March 25, 1947 adb) and writer Jack London (born Jan. 12, 1876 adb.)


If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Sagittarius 

you are . . .

The Sporadic Love Addict

You are one of the most restless, inconstant, exasperating and thoroughly exciting of the Mars in Pisces Lovers. Loving you is like a trip to an amusement park— a thrilling cavalcade of sweet sensuality and fiery passion that seems to have no end. And then it does end, abruptly and without a warning or even a visible cause other than the fact that you simply got bored. Your ability to go from effusive infatuation to absolute disinterest is phenomenal and not likely to make you very popular with your former partners.

And yet, behind this free-wheeling approach to love there is a deep and visceral need for stability and emotionally security. Your need for love is just as desperate as your need for freedom, it’s just that you are not always willing to make the compromises that that are necessary in order to attain this love. You need a strong partner, someone who can contain your independence without crushing it. In the hands of such a Beloved you will find that loyalty and self-control are not so boring after all.



Our celebrity examples of The Sporadic Love Addict include Danni Ashe (Jan. 16, 1968 wik,) the busty stripper who was among the first to recognize the money making potential of combining sex with the internet. In the 1990s she became “the most down-loaded woman in the world” through her soft-core porn sight and her entrepreneurial savvy.


Another remarkable woman in this category is the scintillating Tina Turner (born Nov. 26, 1939 adb.) In true Mars in Pisces fashion, Turner termed her 16 year relationship with husband Ike Turner as an “addiction.” It was an addiction that regularly beat her up, drove her unmercifully and commandeered all the money her sexy vocals and dancing were earning the duo. It was only when she found the courage and support to jettison the drug addicted Ike and start performing as a solo that Turner achieved the superstardom that she deserved.·


Also in this group we have rapper L.L. Cool J. (born Jan. 14, 1968 adb,) actor Alan Alda (born Jan. 28, 1936 adb) and  Heather Mills McCartney (born Jan. 12, 1968 wik,) noted for her short marriage to and acrimonious divorce from Paul McCartney. Another Sporadic Love Addict noted for his taste for famous partners is Rick Salomon (born Jan. 24, 1968 wik.) Salomon became notorious for the sex tape he made with Paris Hilton and his relationships with Shannen Doherty and Pamela Anderson.

Perhaps no example gave us a more vivid picture of the emotional Mars in Pisces in turmoil than the great figurative painter Francis Bacon (born Oct. 28, 1909 wik.) Kicked out of his home by his father when he was just a teen because of his homosexuality, Bacon became a wonderer dependent upon the sponsorship of various older men. His sexual partners tended to be men as tormented by their emotions as Bacon was and his treatment of these lovers alternated between open affection and blatant cruelty. Meanwhile Bacon’s paintings with their screaming popes, twisted nudes and hanging slabs of meat, became icons of 20th Century angst.

If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Systematic Love Addict

Yours is a lush and earthy sexuality. You never let your strong emotional needs interfere with your constant and clear awareness of the physical. Unlike most Mars in Pisces Lovers, you have an uncanny knack for managing your feelings. You know how to use your volatility to intimidate and gain sympathy and how to direct your devastating sexual allure. This allows you to not only pick your targets, but also control relationships, thus guaranteeing that you always get exactly what you need from them.

However, this tendency to take control of relationships and to calculate your emotions does not always serve you well. It deprives you of the incomparable experience of truly letting your feelings take charge of your life. It can also make you seem hard and stilted when, in fact, you are brimming over with passion you can never properly express. In terms of material expressions of affection, you can be outstandingly generous and reliable but when it comes to love you are often so cagey that you end up cheating everyone, including yourself.



Our examples of this type begin shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis (born Jan. 20. 1906 adb.) Beginning with virtually nothing, Onassis amassed one the largest fortunes of his era. He wasn’t above having a lot fun along the way and he was known as a very busy ladies man. His sexual liaisons, the most famous of which was with the opera singer Maria Callas, were notably passionate and stormy but he married for business reasons and prestige, first to the daughter of rival shipping tycoon and then to the most famous widow of his time, Jacqueline Kennedy.

Other examples of The Systematic Love Addict include singer and daughter of Elvis and Pricilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley (born Feb. 1, 1968 adb,) who survived a highly disorganized youth (teenage rebellion, a difficult first marriage, a thoroughly ill-conceived second marriage to Michael Jackson and an equally abortive union with Nicholas Cage) to find happiness and stability with her fourth husband.·


Also in this group we have model Cindy Crawford (born Feb. 20, 1966 wik,) the flamboyant African-American bandleader Cab Calloway (born Dec. 25, 1907 adb,) actor and tongue-in-cheek sex symbol of the 1980s Burt Reynolds (Feb. 11, 1936 adb) and actor Josh Brolin (born Feb. 12, 1968 wik.)

If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Awesome Love Addict

You are a formidable Lover; a Lover so serious and committed, so packed with emotional energy, so sensual and ready to please that few can resist you and no one wants to get between you and the object of your desire. You sexuality is so powerful that it complicates everything that you do and influences all of your decisions, often causing you to behave in an irrational and compulsive manner. At times, the tremendous force of your sexual nature can make you a strong, domineering individual. At other times it just leaves feeling overwhelmed, and maybe a little confused.

Fortunately, along with being one of the most emotional Mars in Pisces Lovers, you are also one of the most conservative. You need a strong, stable and enduring relationship in order to quiet your restless passions and provide you with a sense of security.  Of course, finding a partner who can deal with your powerful and unpredictable passions will not be easy. In fact, it may well be the most difficult and significant thing you ever do. More reason to give this job all the attention it deserves and to value the love that comes your way.



Examples of The Awesome Love Addict include actress and sex icon Ava Gardner (born Dec. 24, 1922 adb.)· Gardner was a poor country girl who was raised to Hollywood stardom almost overnight. She never completely lost her rough edges but this only added to her sex appeal. Gardner was known for her uninhibited attitudes and a voracious sexual appetite. Her love affairs and marriages (her husbands included Micky Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra) were passionate, stormy and well-publicized but they never lasted. Like her contemporary, Marilyn Monroe, Gardner’s volatile emotional nature made it impossible for her to sustain a relationship. Unlike Monroe, this sex siren remained strong and independent until the end.

Also in this group we have billionaire J. Paul Getty (born Dec. 15, 1892 adb.) After making his first million in his early twenties, Getty resolved to kick back and enjoy life, which for him meant having sex with a lot of women. He married three times within the next five years and five times during his lifetime. In between marriages (and often during) he traveled around the world with a small harem of women who competed with one another for his favor. They all agreed that the money was only part of his attraction and that the famously parsimonious oil mogul had genuine sex appeal.·

·Other examples are actor Denzel Washington (born Dec. 28, 1954 adb,) singer Annie Lennox (born Dec. 25, 1954 adb,) actor Ray Liotta (born Dec. 18, 1954 adb) and tennis champ Chris Evert (born Dec. 21, 1954 adb.)

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