If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Radical Love Addict

You are the ultimate dreamer — a romantic idealist awash in feelings and lofty hopes of perfect love. Like all Lovers of this type you are very sensitive and emotionally vulnerable but unlike other Mars in Pisces Lovers you don’t let yourself get totally carried away by the demands of your heart.  You have a plan, a vision of what love should be. You are capable of seeing beyond the rapture or the pain of the moment, beyond the false starts and serious misjudgments into which your volatile sexual nature so often leads your, toward a higher, stronger and enduring kind of relationship that captures the mind and well as the heart.

Is this goal, this very special relationship attainable? Does your plan, your vision take into account the ugly fact that both you and the person with whom you are to share your love are human beings? You are going to be constantly torn between pursuing you dream and accepting what life has to offer you. Following your dream to the bitter end might seem the natural choice but it can also be a very lonely choice if you never find a partner who can make it a reality.



Examples of The Radical Love Addict start with Ivana Trump (Feb. 20, 1949 adb.) When her romantic ideal, millionaire real estate developer Donald Trump, divorced her to marry a younger woman. Ivana was able to assuage her disappointment with a very substantial financial settlement.

Nell Gwyn (born Feb. 12, 1650 NS adb) is another example of the type who won the heart of a powerful man. As the mistress of King Charles II of England she was able to rise above her humble beginnings on the streets of London and become one of great celebrities of her day. Canny and uninhibited, Gwyn never worried about Charles’ other mistresses or sought to meddle in politics. When a group of Londoners began stoning her chariot, thinking it contained one of Charles’ Catholic paramours, Gwyn stuck her head out the window and politely advised them, “Be civil! I am the Protestant whore!”

Poet and art patron Gertrude Stein (born Feb. 3, 1874 adb,) found the ideal relationship she wanted with Alice B. Toklas and the two women became a permanent couple. Likewise writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (born Jan. 9, 1908 adb) found a love that embraced both the mind and the heart in her relationship with Jean Paul Sartre. Though they were never married and both of them had affairs with other people, their intellectual partnership and mutual regard never wavered.

Other examples of this type include heiress and television personality Paris Hilton (born Feb. 17, 1981 wik,) singer Elton John (born March 25, 1947 adb) and writer Jack London (born Jan. 12, 1876 adb.)


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