If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Taurus

you are . . .

The Lascivious Liberator

You are the most sensual of the Mars in Aquarius Lovers and this means you are constantly torn between the delights of the mind and gratification of the body. You have a great appetite for physical pleasure and it is very easy for you the get caught up in the pursuit of sensation but sex for the sake of sex can never fully satisfy your erotic nature. You need for your sexual experience to have a purpose beyond your personal pleasure and you are always happiest when you blend your sensual nature with a higher intellectual or moral agenda.

While you struggle with the choice between mind and body, you must also make an even more difficult choice between rebellion and conformity. You are far too conservative a Lover to be a good sexual adventurer. You prefer to do your experimenting behind closed doors and you are drawn to stable, enduring relationships; but the thirst for variety in your sex life and your intolerance of even the most benign restrictions on your behavior can make you restless even in the best of relationships. It’s not that you want to be bad. You just hate being predictable.



Our celebrity examples of The Lascivious Liberator include singer Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson (born March 27, 1975 wik,) actor Mark Wahlberg (born June 5, 1971 adb,) reality show super-mom Kate Gosselin (born March 28, 1975 wik) and a buxom sex symbol from 1960s and 70s, Ann-Margret (born April 28, 1941adb.)

Other examples include Leonard Da Vinci (born April 23, 1452 NS adb,) who was able to pore much his sensuality into his painting but had to be secretive about his homosexuality,·composer Richard Wagner (born May 22, 1813 adb,) who, after a rocky first marriage, found the perfect partner in a woman with Venus in Aquarius, Cosima von Bülow.· Wagner and Cosima were both legally married to their previous spouses when they began living together but, by this time, Wagner’s practical first wife had given up on her dreamy, debt-ridden husband and von Bülow idolized Wagner almost has much as Cosima did so no objections were raised. Later the happy couple was able to wed.

An example of a Lascivious Liberator who could not solve the dichotomy of the mind and the body or the conservative and the rebel is the playwright Tennessee Williams (born March 26, 1911 adb.) As a young man Williams became addicted to anonymous homosexual pick-ups and these remained a staple of his sexual diet for many years. At various time in his life Williams courted women and bemoaned his rampant libido. He tried to form a steady relationship with a homosexual lover but he could not remain monogamous. Williams’ friends felt that the writer was never comfortable with his sexuality and that his taste for furtive, anonymous pairings was evidence of this fact.

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