If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Sexy Liberator

Sex often brings out the worst in you. It’s not that you’re an inept Lover. On the contrary, you are such and intense, lusty and imaginative Lover that you are always in demand. What causes you problems, however, is your inability to compromise on issues of desire. You have fixed preconceptions of what you want from sex and your needs often seem overwhelming. Weak or complacent partners will find you difficult, contrary and maybe a little scary.

Of course, you have little use for partners who can’t match your strength and who don’t share your serious, all-or-nothing approach to relationships. You require a Beloved who both tough and flexible, someone who can respond both to the deep emotionalism of your affection and to your cool, unfettered approach to sex. You don’t put much stock in the trappings of romance and you are often exasperatingly silent about your intense feelings and needs but, with a partner who possesses the proper mixture of patience and intuition, you are an attentive, committed and marvelously sexy Lover.



It is not surprising that our celebrity examples of The Sexy Liberator include two masters of irreverent, over-the-top comedy: Sacha Baron Cohen (born Oct. 13, 1971 wik,) noted for his “Borat” and “Ali G.” characters and African-American funny man Redd Foxx (born Dec. 9, 1922 adb.)

Another member of this group known for his biting satire is novelist Erskine Caldwell (born Dec. 17, 1903 adb.) Aside for such novels as Tobacco Road and God’s Little Acre, Caldwell is noted for dumping his wife, who had helped him write these novels without credit, and beginning an affair with photographer Margaret Bourke-White, with whom he was collaborating on another book. Unfortunately for Caldwell, Bourke-White, who had Mars and Venus in Gemini, predictably lost interest in the relationship once their project was finished.