If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Liberator on the Loose

You are probably the least physical and most idealistic of all the Mars in Aquarius Lovers. Most of the time, you try to keep the bodily realities of sex at a safe distance and approach it in an abstract, intellectual fashion. This doesn’t mean you are not capable of the occasional lighting raid into the erotic jungle. Actually, you can be a very adventurous and daring Lover, eager for the thrill of the chase, just as long as the chase doesn’t lead to anything that might restrict your independence.

Commitment is never an easy choice for you. This is not to say that you have no desire to settle down. The ideal of a singular, transcendent love is quite appealing to you.  However, your own sexual passions are so quickly spent and so easily diverted both by new loves and new ideas, that getting you to focus on one relationship can be very difficult. You need a partner who can love you for your independence, someone who sees how refreshing and thrilling a Lover you are and understands that you are well worth the effort it takes to hold your attention.



Our examples of The Liberator on the Loose begin with legendary actor Cary Grant (born Jan. 18, 1904 adb,) who liked the idea of marriage so much that he did it five times. Of course, many felt that his most important relationship was with Randolph Scott, the handsome leading man with whom he shared a home for many years.·

And then we have Jane Fonda (born Dec. 21, 1937 adb) whose marriages seem to follow the development of her career. When she was becoming a major movie star and sex symbol she was married to the French film director Roger Vadim. When she became involved in politics and anti-war protests she was married to political activist Tom Hayden. After she became a fitness guru and entrepreneur she married the fabulously wealthy media mogul Ted Turner. Still moving up, she divorced Turner when she found Jesus.

Another examples with this combination are poet Rainer Maria Rilke (born Dec. 3, 1875 adb,) who wrote sensual verse and had several passionate affairs, the most outstanding of which was with Lou Andreas-Salome who was 14 years his senior. Despite all this romantic activity Rilke admitted that his sexual relationships cost him great effort and that he found little pleasure in them.·

·We find a simular ambivalence about sex in our next example, reformed porn actress Linda Lovelace (born Jan. 10, 1949 adb,) who became famous as the star of porno hit Deep Throat but later claimed that she was coerced into performing in the movie. Lovelace spent the rest of her life trying to live down her involvement with the project.· Also in this group we have writer Kurt Vonnegut (born Nov. 11, 1922. adb)