If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Gemini

you are . . .

The Learned Liberator

You are perhaps the least physical of all the Mars types and this can be either a blessing or a curse, depending upon your point of view. It is a blessing because it allows you to play with sex without being burned by desire. You can be a very exhilarating Lover—free-spirited, inventive and unconventional but you will rarely be driven by the physical need for sex to do anything contrary to your own well-being. The fact that you treat sex as a toy sometimes makes you appear cold and selfish though this is rarely the case. You enjoy people a great deal and have a marvelous capacity for loving them. It’s just that there are so many.

Intimacy and one-on-one bonding is your great challenge. In your mind sex is such as exhilarating and uplifting experience that the sex you have with your body often leaves you feeling cheated. And then there’s all that emotional stuff. The fact that some people seem to enjoy angst and complex emotional interplay never ceases to amaze you. You avoid these dramas as much as is possible. For you love should be meeting of minds, the interweaving of beautiful ideas; and when this is done right the result can be the best kind of intimacy imaginable.



Our examples of The Learned Liberator include dancer Isadora Duncan (May 26, 1877 adb.) While many saw Duncan free form dance as sexually provocative, she saw herself as the pioneer of new art form. She had several ecstatic and· stormy love affairs with men who shared devotion to the high arts but her most substantial and loving relationship was with a cultured millionaire named Paris Singer, who was wise enough not to interfere with Duncan’s art or her occasional sexual adventures. Unfortunately, this relationship ended after the tragic death of Duncan’s two children.·

Then there is the prolific Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope (born April 24, 1815 wik,) whose own love life was conventional and calm while the love lives of the characters in his many books were endlessly complex and tortured.

Other examples include singer and songwriter Missy Elliot (born July 1, 1971 wik,) actor Eric Roberts (born April 18, 1956 wik) and actress Koo Stark (born April 26, 1956 wik,) who was the naughty girlfriend of Prince Andrew during the 1980s until she embarrassed the British royal family by doing a nude scene in a movie. She went on to marry and divorce a millionaire and become a photographer.