If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Technician of Enchantment

You are an extremely alluring and sensual Mars in Gemini Lover whose sexuality is an uneven blend of craftiness and innocence. You are very rational about sex and approach it with great clarity of purpose but even at your most calculating moment, deep emotional needs and feelings of vulnerability cloud your judgments. This makes you one of the most unpredictable and irrational Lovers of this type—a partner who can be cool and clinging, distant and irresistible all at the same time.

At your worst you are a compulsive charmer who wins everyone’s love and no one’s confidence. At your best you are the sexiest and most empathetic Lover of this type. You are supremely sensitive to the needs of your partner and well-informed enough to answer all of them. There is an element of shyness and passivity about your sexuality. You need to feel safe and protected in order to explore the full range of your sexual curiosity but, once you are sure of your ground, there’s no holding you back.



Our first two celebrity examples are sexy women who obviously overcame the tendency toward shyness mentioned about. Bettie Page (born April 22, 1923 adb,) became the iconic pin-up girl of the 1950s, posing sometimes as the sexy girl-next-door and sometimes as a leopard-skin clap dominatrix. After she was threatened by federal investigators incensed by the “pornographic” images of her body, Page abruptly quit modeling, turned to Jesus and ended up in an insane asylum.·

Porn star and best-selling author Jenna Jamison (born April 9, 1974 adb) has been luckier. After surviving rape and drug addiction she achieved fame in the sex trade and wrote a popular book telling women how to "make love like a porn star.”·

Another less than shy example of The Technician of Enchantment was the British artist and typographer, Eric Gill (born Feb. 22, 1882 adb.) Though happily married and deeply religious, Gill made it his life’s work to explore every area of human sexuality. His obsession with sex was more than evident in his artwork and many of his sculptures and engravings can not be exhibited freely even today.

Other examples include singers Diana Ross (born March 26, 1944 adb) and Barbra Striesand (born Apr. 24, 1942 adb) and tennis star, John McEnroe (born Feb. 16, 1959 adb.)

If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Aquarius 

you are . . .

The Technician of Transcendent Love

You are the most daring and experimental of the Mars in Gemini Lovers, the one who takes curiosity to the limit. At your best you are a very exciting and inventive partner, someone who knows just how to use ideas to make the raw data of sensory experience into something truly extraordinary and erotic. 

Unfortunately, the story is quite different when you are not at your best. Your sexual nature can be very cold and calculating and you are inclined to pursue your ideals of love regardless of the damage you may be doing to people who love you in a more prosaic and earthly way. For you the idea of love is always more important than the physical realities of sex which, in some cases, can seem unwieldy and boring. You are a Lover who finds so much pleasure in thinking about sex and in talking about sex, that doing it can be a disappointment.



Our examples of this type include Franklin D. Roosevelt (born Jan. 30, 1882 adb,) who was famously unfaithful to his plain wife, Eleanor but, despite their sexual incapability, the couple was held together by his respect for her mind.· Also we have the Irish writer, James Joyce (born Feb 2, 1882 adb.) Joyce married a very down-to-earth woman and when they were separated he wrote her a constant stream of uninhibited and highly descriptive love letters. When the great novelist came home, however, the erotic extremes of his correspondence were quickly forgotten and he buried himself in his writing and his booze. Another writer who has written about sex is the American author Erica Jong (born March 26, 1942 adb.) Jong’s Fear of Flying became an anthem for female sexual expression.

Other examples of The Technician of Transcendent Love include two noted singers, Roger Daltry (born March 1, 1944· adb) of The Who and Aretha Franklin (born March 25, 1942 adb ) Actress and long-time mistress of newspaper mogul, William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies (born Jan. 3, 1897 adb) is also an example of this category. Though she was occasionally unfaithful to her much older patron, Davies did not seem to think sex was that important and she remained at Hearst’s side until his death.

If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Technician of Joy

You are a happy, laughing, light-hearted Lover who can be shockingly straightforward and, at the same time, devilishly charming. Your response to sex is immediate and passionate and you have a strong sense of adventure but no matter how intense your physical involvement in the moment might seem, your emotional commitment to love is rarely complete.  Strong emotions, sticky sentiments and complex romantic entanglements make you nervous and surprisingly shy. You know that when feelings get stirred and sexual relationships become serious there is always a mess that someone is going to have to clean up and that someone is never going to be you.

Like most Mars in Gemini Lovers, you are happiest when you can combine your intellectual passions with your sexual needs. For all your sexual athleticism, sex means very little to you if it is not in the context of shared ideas and you are always going to be most attracted to the person who is willing to stand with you and fight for a common cause. For you the two essential ingredients for the perfect partner are courage and good conversation.



Since this is one of the rare combinations of Mars and Venus we only have a few celebrity examples. One is Angela Davis (born Jan. 26. 1944 adb,) the African-American activist who, in 1970, was implicated as an accomplice in an attempted prison escape by men associated with the Black Power movement, one of whom was the brother of the man who was, at that time, Davis' lover. After eluding the law for two years, Davis surrendered and was tried and acquitted. Davis has remained an activist for many causes including prison reform.·

Another example of this type who mixed sex and politics is Sir Oswald Mosley (born Nov. 16, 1896 wik.) Mosley was the head of the fascist party in England before World War II. Prior to his involvement in extremist politics, Mosley and his politically active first wife had both held seats in the House of Commons and were considered a perfectly matched political couple but, as Mosley became more enamored Hitler and Mussolini, he became estranged from his wife and began an affair with a woman who shared his fascist sympathies.··

Other examples include legendary guitarist, Jimmy Page (born Jan. 9, 1944 adb,) actor, Rutger Haur (born Jan. 23, 1944 adb) and actress Ruth Gordon (born Oct. 30, 1896 adb) who won fame late in her career by playing sexy old ladies.

If you have Mars in Gemini  with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Technician of Tough Love

You are one of the earthiest of the Mars in Gemini Lovers and your reactions to sexual stimuli are very physical and strong. It’s just a shame that you are not having any fun. You tend to over-think your sexual encounters and to surrender your libido to cynical and self-defeating thoughts. As far as you are concerned, every joyous moment of bliss comes with a price and anything that feels as good as sex can't be trusted. Many will find your earthy frankness about sex refreshing, but others will object to your utter lack of romance.

You are often happiest in a relationship that requires you to give of yourself, that calls upon you to be a teacher or a mentor to a Beloved over whom you hold some sort of advantage. Such a relationship, in which you feel truly needed and useful, allows you to overcome the cynical separation between what you think about sex and how much you really enjoy it. In fact, you may even discover that it is possible to be in love and still have a good time.



The celebrity examples of The Technician of Tough Love seem to be particularly unhappy lot. First we have the great composer, Ludwig Von Beethoven (born Dec. 16, 1770 adb.) His contemporaries characterized him both as a hopeless romantic, prone to infatuations with women he could never have and as a prudish misanthrope who once “boxed the ears” of an overly amorous female fan. Beethoven never married and the only thing we know for sure about his sex life is that there was precious little of it.·

Artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (born Nov. 24, 1864 adb) also never married though it wasn’t because he failed to take full advantage of the women within his reach; prostitutes, models and cabaret singers mostly. While Lautrec’s dwarfism and bohemian lifestyle made marriage to a woman of his own class unlikely, his titled origins made a union with a working class woman unthinkable; but what really kept him single was his unflagging cynicism about love.

Sculptor Camille Claudel (born Dec. 8, 1964 adb) was probably one of the most talented female artists of her time but after she was dumped by her famous teacher and lover, Auguste Rodin, Claudel grew reclusive and paranoid and spent the last 30 years of her life in a mental institution. Writer Virginia Woolf (born Jan. 25, 1882 adb) was sexually abused as a child and this soured her on sex for the rest of her life while the sad story of Hitler’s ill-fated mistress, Eva Braun (born Feb. 6, 1912 adb) hardly requires retelling.

If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Technician of Serious Love

You are the one Mars in Gemini Lover who is serious about love and sex. You understand that there is a power in these deep and enduring emotions that can make your natural Mars in Gemini curiosity seem trivial and pointless; a dark, forbidding mystery that can turn a harmless bit of fun or a happy jaunt onto the wild side into an awesome and dangerous safari into the unknown. This doesn’t mean that you fear sex or that you would, under normal circumstances, avoid it. It’s just that you recognize, more than any Lover of this type that there is more at stake in a sexual relationship than the processing of information and the satisfying of idle curiosity.

There is in your sexual nature something of the quality of a moth drawn to the destructive flame. It is difficult for you to maintain your typical intellectual distance when faced with the dark allure of the mysterious, the exotic or the forbidden. Fortunately, the dark extremes of your curiosity are balanced by a very healthy dose of caution. You are, for the most part, a very conservative Lover and, typically, this keeps you out of trouble, particularly once you grasp the concept that the greatest mystery of sex is finding a person with whom you can explore all its dark corners without fear or shame.



Our celebrity examples of this type include three famous musicians. Around the time that guitarist Keith Richards (born Dec. 18, 1943 adb) was becoming famous with the Rolling Stones he was also being drawn into a love affair with the girlfriend of his band mate, Brian Jones. This young woman, the exotically beautiful Anita Pallenberg, subsequently led Richards down a long, spiraling path of drug addiction and self-destruction. Nothing, not several arrests or the birth of his children, seem capable of changing the musician’s deadly course. It was only after he became estranged from Pallenberg that Richards was able to kick his habits and make a fresh start.·

Less successful in this regard was The Doors’ front man, Jim Morrison (born Dec. 8, 1943 adb.) Early in his life the self-involved Morrison seemed more interested in poetry than women but after he fell in love with Pamela Courson (who also had Venus in Scorpio) at the age of 23 and his career with The Doors took off, the singer became intent on exploring the dark side of his sexual nature, including possible forays into homosexuality and Satanism. Surprisingly Morrison’s close relationship with Courson survived these wild diversions as well as his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Courson remained at Morrison’s side until his death at the age of 27. Also in this group we have noted golfer, Tiger Woods (born Dec. 30, 1975 wik.) The dark side of Woods’ sexuality led the highly publicized break up of his marriage.

A less "dark-sided" example is the singer/songwriter, John Denver (born Dec. 31, 1943 adb.)