Your Mars/Venus Combination

Where Was Venus At Your Birth?

Okay, so now you know what your Mars Sign has to say, but that’s only half the story. In relationships Mars works in combination with Venus. You need both to make a love affair. You need both to make even a passing flirtation. Mars provides the spark, the desire. Venus gives us the allure, the playful back-and-forth of romance. No one can go far in relating to another human being, at any level, without using both Mars and Venus.


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Then click on the corresponding Mars/Venus combination under Mars in Aries to read your complete Mars/Venus profile.


If this were in-depth astrology, we would filter what Mars and Venus have to say through the influences of the Sun and the Moon. We would also look at the Rising Sign, aspects and 10 or 20 other things. But we’re· having fun here. So let’s keep it simple and focus on how Mars and Venus combine to form the core of your sexual/romantic profile.


Don’t forget to pay attention to the celebrity examples of each Mars/Venus combination. Remember that there are a total of 144 different Mars/Venus types. That means that if your Mars/Venus type is the same as say, Brad Pitt or Scarlet Johansson, it might just be something to brag about. Of course, if you draw the Marquis de Sade or Charles Manson, you don’t have to tell a soul. Either way, have fun.


The birth dates provided in this section come from three primary sources: Astrodatabank (adb), Wikipedia (wik) or the Internet Movie Database (imdb.) In most cases, though not in all, the dates were verified by other biographical sources.


Mars in Aries with Venus in Aries

If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Pisces  

you are . . .

The Breakable Extremist

You may be the most romantic, volatile, and alluring of all the Mars in Aries Lovers. You combine enormous erotic vitality with a real emotional need for human contact. Unfortunately, this emotional openness also makes you one of the most vulnerable Lovers of this type. The reckless abandon that characterizes the Mars in Aries approach to sex invariably brings you pain and sorrow. It would all be so much easier if you could exercise a little caution in your love life, but what would be the fun in that?

Because of your emotionally vulnerable nature, your attitude toward sex and love changes a great deal as you age. Your sexual energy in your youth is so irresistible and your optimism so strong that you rush into relationships. After you’ve been bumped and bruised a few times, you become more cautious and more aware of the psychic scars that love can leave. It is only natural that, later in life,  you will be wary of your passions and maybe even a little vindictive but you must be mindful not to make the people who love you in the present suffer for the mistakes of those who failed you in the past.



Our examples of The Breakable Extremist start with the romantic composer Frederick Chopin (born March 1, 1810 adb.) After apparently losing his virginity and contracting a venereal disease almost immediately after leaving his home in Poland, Chopin was somewhat shy of sex. Even the allure of noted writer, feminist and lusty Mars in Taurus Lover, Aurora Dupin Dudevant, (more commonly known as George Sand) couldn’t completely ignite his sensuality. The two had an active sex life for the first couple of years of their long affair, at Sand’s insistence, but the relationship became less sexual as time went on and Chopin’s health deteriorated. He died two years after the couple separated·

Another example is the great novelist, Charles Dickens (born Feb. 7, 1812 adb.) Dickens harbored an enduring dislike for his long-suffering wife. This dislike did not stop the writer from getting Mrs. Dickens pregnant a total of 15 times during their twenty odd years of marriage but it did cause him to develop a series of obsessive, though apparently platonic, infatuations with· younger women. The last of these infatuations, involving a teenage actress, caused his wife to demand a separation··

·The Russian ballet impresario, Sergei Diaghilev (born March 31, 1872 wik) helped make his gifted lover; Vaslav Nijinski, a dancing legend. Later, when the young dancer fell in love with a woman, the vengeful Diaghilev made it his business to destroy Nijinski’s career.

More contemporary examples include model/actress; Ursula Andress (born March 19, 1936 adb,) who left men breathless the 1960s when she emerged, buff and bikinied, from the sea as one of the first “Bond” girls. She drew attention again in the 1980s with her impetuous affair with actor Harry Hamlin who was almost 20 years her junior.·Talk-show host David Letterman (born Apr. 12, 1947 adb) tried to be more discreet about his private life until he was forced to confess to an affair on national TV, while actress Kate Hudson's (Apr. 19, 1979 wik.) penchant for marrying and dating famous rock muscians and athletes has opened her love life to a great deal of public scrutiny. Other examples of this type include Scottish actor James McAvoy (born Apr. 21, 1979 wik) and the British pin-up girl and singer Samantha Fox (born Apr. 15, 1966 adb.)

If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Capricorn 

you are . . .

The Earthy Extremist

You are a Mars in Aries Lover who wants to take love to madcap extremes and has a 12 point plan on how to get there. The contrast between your desire for a wild and crazy sexual experiences and your essentially conservative approach to romance often make you behave in a clumsy and self-contradictory manner. At times you just don’t seem to know what you want but, since you are one of the most physical of the Mars in Aries Lovers and certainly the most practical, your confusion in this area by no means permanent. As long as you remain intent on putting all of the incredible Mars in Aries sexual energy to good, physically pleasurable use you will eventually find your way.

The main problem with your sexuality is your tendency to mix pleasure and pain. This does not have to mean whips and chains. You are quite gifted in burdening your sexual pleasure with misplaced feelings of guilt, obligation, regret and inadequacy. As far as you are concerned all these negative feeling are just part of the process of falling in love but you must beware of letting you capacity for misery drive you toward relationships that are destructive and unworthy of your down-to-earth sensuality.



Our first example of The Earthy Extremist is Paul Newman (born Jan. 26, 1925 adb,) whose enduring marriage with actress Joanne Woodward became a model of partnership between two people of extraordinary talent and fame. Then we have Molly Ringwald (born Feb. 18, 1968 adb,) who became everyone’s high school sweetheart during the 1980s. She has survived the end of her movie career and divorce to establish new life as a stage actress, complete with a steady boyfriend and a child.·Another strong-willed survivor in this group is model and TV star, Tyra Banks (born Dec. 4, 1975 wik.)

Other examples have not been so lucky. Princess Caroline of Monaco (born Jan. 27, 1957 adb) suffered through much adversity in her romantic life (including the death of one of her husbands) before she settled down with another European royal,·while the love lives of both American writer, James Agee (born Nov. 27, 1909 wik)· and the model/actress Margaux Hemingway (born Feb. 12, 1955 adb)· were largely unhappy and eventually fell prey to their alcoholism. Friends of composer Franz Schubert (born Jan. 31, 1797adb) noted the contrast between his heavenly music and his taste for booze and rowdy company, though nowadays biographers are unsure if they were upset because the composer was cavorting with male or female prostitutes. Syphilis was a contributing factor in his early death.

If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Aquarius 

you are . . .

The Serene Extremist

You are the coolest of the Mars in Aries Lovers and for this reason you are often also the most dissatisfied. You long for over-the-top sexual experiences that will wash away your rational inhibitions but find that no matter how radical you become you just can’t lose your capacity for calm, intellectual control. You can be the most unconventional of all the Mars in Aries types and this makes you a very exciting partner but until you find a way to match physical reality of your sexuality with the idealism that burns inside your soul, you will always be restless and discontent.

Sex is always an abstraction for you. The people you love are often more important because of what they symbolize than for who they are. This can make your approach to love appear cold and clinical but, the fact is you can love a symbol with a steadiness and a fierce purity that will make real people jealous. The happiest relationship for you will be one in which sex is a diversion and real love exists in the mind.



The outstanding examples of The Serene Extremist all seem to all be women. First we have Gloria Steinem (born March 25, 1934 abd,) the woman who made feminism sexy. Though paired with several high-powered male companions during her years as a journalist and as the editor of MS. magazine, Steinem eschewed marriage, and its paternalistic implications and waited until she reached her 60s before she wed another Mars in Aries lover, David Bale.· Lou Andreas-Salome (born Feb. 12, 1861 wik) was a writer, journalist and completely independent woman who calmly defied the restrictions of her time. She avoided sex until she was 36, rebuffing both the proposal of an ardent Friedrich Nietzsche and the advances of her scholarly husband. Then she entered upon a series of passionate affairs, the most famous of which was with the poet Rainer Rilke who was 14 years her junior.· Then we have Georgina Spelvin (born Mar. 1, 1936,) a down-and-out Broadway actress and caterer who inadvertently won the lead in the in the classic porn movie The Devil in Miss Jones. Rounding out this serenely sexy group we have news anchor Leslie Stahl (born Dec. 16, 1941 adb) and actress Heather Graham (born Jan. 29, 1970 wik.)

The men in this group include the actor Richard Chamberlain (born March 31, 1934 adb,) TV heartthrob who established himself as the king of the television mini-series during the 1970s. The handsome Chamberlain became a prominent Hollywood leading man despite the fact that he was secretly homosexual and involved in a long term relationship with another man.· At the scary extreme of this category we have the cold-hearted Nazi careerist, Reinhard Heydrich (born March 7, 1904 adb,) who rose to become Heinrich Himmler’s chief deputy and one of the architects of the “Final Solution”· and on the totally weird extreme we have murderer, Richard Speck (born Dec. 6, 1941 adb,) who took female hormones and developed breasts while in prison in order to please his jailhouse lover.

If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Exuberant Extremist

You are the most optimistic, open and altogether positive Lover of this (or any other) Mars type. Your approach to loving is so fresh and free, so brimming with idealism and energy that sex becomes an act of inspiration for you. You are a very curious Lover, always ready to respond to any sexual challenge. At times you can be foolish and clumsy and you have a disconcerting tendency to place more confidence in your ideals than you do the facts, but these faults typically only add to your charm. You are an exhilarating partner who can make the most mundane sexual situation seem magical.

Physical sex always means less to you than the passion and the ideals that surround it. The relationships that really hold you will be those that are based less on sex and more on intellectual and spiritual affinity. In these situations you can be a very loyal Lover. Otherwise, you will go wherever the next inspiration or wave of passion happens to take you.



It is not surprising considering the idealism of this type that three of the examples we have were celibates. Paramhansa Yogananda (born Jan. 5, 1893 adb) was an Indian mystic and teacher who traveled the world with his message of self-realization. Then we have two poets: the much loved American, Emily Dickinson (born Dec. 20, 1830 adb) and her English contemporary, Christina Rossetti (born Dec. 5, 1830 adb,) who was the unmarried sister of the Pre-Raphaelite painter, Gabrielle Rossetti.Another noted example was the English author and sexual researcher, Havelock Ellis (Feb. 2, 1859 adb,) whose book on homosexual behavior shocked the world in the late 19th century and landed him in court. Ellis enjoyed an open marriage to a free-thinking lesbian though, because of his own quirky sexuality, his affairs with other women were limited.

Another Exuberant Extremist was the Nazi Reich Marshall, Hermann Göring (born Jan. 12, 1893 adb) whose sex life was curtailed after he was shot in the groin a short time after his marriage to a Swedish countess. Göring idolized his wife, who helped him in his murderous climb up the Nazi hierarchy.· Norman Mailer (born Jan. 31, 1923 adb,) also idolized his wives, all six of them, but he preferred brawling with them. One particularly violent disagreement with his second wife ended with him stabbing her.· A more peaceful example is the actor Kevin Costner (born Jan. 18, 1955 adb.)

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