If you have Mars in Pisces with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Systematic Love Addict

Yours is a lush and earthy sexuality. You never let your strong emotional needs interfere with your constant and clear awareness of the physical. Unlike most Mars in Pisces Lovers, you have an uncanny knack for managing your feelings. You know how to use your volatility to intimidate and gain sympathy and how to direct your devastating sexual allure. This allows you to not only pick your targets, but also control relationships, thus guaranteeing that you always get exactly what you need from them.

However, this tendency to take control of relationships and to calculate your emotions does not always serve you well. It deprives you of the incomparable experience of truly letting your feelings take charge of your life. It can also make you seem hard and stilted when, in fact, you are brimming over with passion you can never properly express. In terms of material expressions of affection, you can be outstandingly generous and reliable but when it comes to love you are often so cagey that you end up cheating everyone, including yourself.



Our examples of this type begin shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis (born Jan. 20. 1906 adb.) Beginning with virtually nothing, Onassis amassed one the largest fortunes of his era. He wasn’t above having a lot fun along the way and he was known as a very busy ladies man. His sexual liaisons, the most famous of which was with the opera singer Maria Callas, were notably passionate and stormy but he married for business reasons and prestige, first to the daughter of rival shipping tycoon and then to the most famous widow of his time, Jacqueline Kennedy.

Other examples of The Systematic Love Addict include singer and daughter of Elvis and Pricilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley (born Feb. 1, 1968 adb,) who survived a highly disorganized youth (teenage rebellion, a difficult first marriage, a thoroughly ill-conceived second marriage to Michael Jackson and an equally abortive union with Nicholas Cage) to find happiness and stability with her fourth husband.·


Also in this group we have model Cindy Crawford (born Feb. 20, 1966 wik,) the flamboyant African-American bandleader Cab Calloway (born Dec. 25, 1907 adb,) actor and tongue-in-cheek sex symbol of the 1980s Burt Reynolds (Feb. 11, 1936 adb) and actor Josh Brolin (born Feb. 12, 1968 wik.)

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