If you have Mars in Aquarius with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Unlimited Liberator

You are the coolest of the cool—a detached and thoroughly rational Lover for whom sex means little beyond a momentary thrill and, occasionally, an opportunity to make more conventional people uncomfortable. The attitude you take toward sexual pleasure might seem very free and uncomplicated but, even though you lack the animal lust that plagues some people and the emotional vulnerability that limits other, your sexual nature is subject to its own kind of problems. How you think about a person, or a relationship, or sex in general will greatly impact your ability to relate to that person sexually. For you, it only takes one errant thought to spoil a whole evening.

Given your intellectual approach to sex and your love of freedom, fidelity can become a very touchy issue. You must have your independence and if holding on to a relationship means compromising your free spirit, you response is generally going to be, “See ya.” In fact, you’ll often opt for your freedom even when that choice means no sex at all. Still, relationships are important to you and, no matter how many times you are disappointed, you will never stop looking for that honest and complete intellectual partnership that is your ideal.



Our examples of this type start with three women noted for their defiance of convention with regard to sex. The first is actress Sharon Stone (born March 18, 1958 adb.) After flashing the world as the amoral villain in the movie, Basic Instinct, Stone withdrew from the fame game to marry, raise a child and to occasionally raise eyebrows with her bizarre public remarks.·

Meanwhile, Heidi Fleiss (born Dec 30, 1965 adb) rose to fame, and infamy, because of her lucrative prostitution business which catered the elite of Hollywood. She later created a furor when she proposed opening a house of all-male prostitution in Nevada.·

An example less well-known today is the British heiress and trend-setter of the 1920s, Nancy Cunard (born March 10, 1896 wik.) Cunard didn’t advocate free love. She lived it. Her lovers were legion and at least two of them wrote novels based on her escapades, depicting her as the ultimate “femme fatal.” Her most sustained relationship was with a black American jazz musician named Henry Crowder. This love affair culminated in the publication of a book on African-American history and culture. Cunard’s activism in the cause of equal rights earned her death threats for the Ku Klux Klan but she was oblivious to these dangers. Crowder, on the other hand, was not and he eventually cut off the relationship.

Other examples of The Unlimited Liberator include actor Patrick Dempsey (born Jan. 13, 1966 wik,) heavy metal wild man Axl Rose (born Feb. 6, 1962 wik) singer and cancer survivor Sheryl Crowe (born Feb. 11, 1962 wik) and conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh (born Jan. 12, 1951 adb.)

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