Your Mars and Venus Playbook


You already know your Sun Sign, the sign of the Zodiac occupied by the Sun on the day of your birth, but you don’t really know your capacity for love and romance — your true sexual style — until you know which signs in your horoscope are occupied by Mars and Venus.

Mars rules the “active” side of the sexual equation: the passion, the drive and the lust. It is with Mars that we initiate relationships. It is the hunter, the conqueror and the explorer. If these sound like masculine traits, think again. The function of Mars is as important for the sexual fulfillment of women as it is men. Lust is not the province of just one gender, and thankfully so.

Venus rules the “passive,” side of our sexuality, the side that seeks to attract, seduce and please. Through Venus we try to look good, smell nice and do all the things that make our partners feel sexy. Again, Venus is not just about the girls. Men have been beautifying themselves since the dawn civilization. Making ourselves attractive is not the province of any one gender, and thankfully so.

With the Mars/Venus Playbook you will be able to learn about the sexual potential of your Mars and Venus. Through your Mars Sign, you express lust and desire. Are you a Sexual Extremist or a Powerhouse of Passion? Your Mars Sign will likely differ from your Sun Sign so this should give you a whole new perspective on you sexuality.

Your Venus sign completes the picture. For example, if you have Mars in Pisces then you are a Love Addict. Now let’s find out if you are an Erratic Love Addict or a Pragmatic Love Addict. You Venus Sign may also differ from your Sun Sign so don't be surprised if the sexual profile described by your Mars/Venus combination is quite different from what you've read about your Sun Sign.

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If you already know which signs your Mars and Venus are in, go ahead and get started using the menu in the left column.

Don’t know your Mars and Venus signs?

Mars and Venus don't move through the sky in the same regular manner as the Sun. Everyone born on March 4 of any year will have Pisces as their Sun Sign but Mars and Venus are not so predictable. On March 4, 1984, for example, Mars was in Scorpio while on March 4, 1985, Mars was in Aries. So finding out the designation of your Mars Sign and your Venus Sign involves a little bit of research, but we've made it easy for you.

TO FIND YOUR MARS SIGN, go to the menu item in the left column: Where Was Your Mars At Birth? Here you will find a chart listing the dates Mars changed signs between 1950 and 2000. Check the chart and determine where Mars was for your own special birth day and year. (For example, someone born on March 4, 1985, will have Mars in Aries.)

After learning what your Mars Sign is, click on the matching menu item for Mars in the left column of the website (for example, Mars in Aries) to read about your special traits.

After you've read all about your Mars Sign, you are ready to learn about how your Mars Sign works in combination with your Venus Sign.

TO FIND YOUR VENUS SIGN, (while still on the Web page of Mars in Aries, Mars in Taurus, etc.), click on the menu item in the left column called Your Mars/Venus Combinations. Here you will find a chart listing the dates Venus changed signs between 1950 and 2000. Find where your Venus was located and read the combination for you: for example, Mars in Aries with Venus in Gemini or Mars in Aries with Venus in Cancer, etc.. and find out if you are the Crafty Extremist or Emotional Extremist.

We've also included some examples of famous people — dead and alive, saints and sinners — so that you can compare the way you are experiencing your Mars and Venus with people born with the same placements. Remember, the Zodiac doesn't compel us to do anything. Your Mars/Venus combination only sets the tone and gives you the tools. You have to make the choices. So don't be upset if you find you share a Mars/Venus combination with the Marquis de Sade or Lizzie Borden. Just concentrate on making better choices than they did.

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