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If you have Mars in Gemini with Venus in Aries

you are . . .

The Technician of Hot Love

Your greatest strength is your aggressiveness and you are at your best when you are making a conquest. Some people might find your approach too direct and egocentric. They might even be startled by your bold, unrepentant desire. But when you are motivated to love, you are so charming, so dynamic, so dazzling that you have a way of making even the most stubborn fault finder forget how to say no.

The problem for you is what comes after the conquest. Once you get past the thrill of victory your interest in the object of you desire often wanes and you become restless and self-involved. At your worst this restlessness causes you to move from relationship to relationship without developing any lasting bonds. It’s the smarter Lovers among you will come to understand that there is no greater challenge, and no sweeter victory than finding a way to win the love of that same special person day after day after day.



Examples of The Technician of Hot Love include the Italian poet and novelist, Gabriele D’Annunzio (born March 12, 1863 adb.) Though he married young, D’Annunzio quickly tired of married life and began pursuing women all over Europe. Among his many conquests was one of the most desirable women of the age, Italian actress, Eleonora Duse. Duse, like many of the women who slept with D’Annunzio, was shocked when she read accounts of their love-making, along with vivid and none too kind descriptions of her body in her lovers published writings.·

·Another Italian example of this type did not have to write poetry in order to get the attention of women. The model, Fabio (born March 15, 1959 adb) only had to take off his shirt and pose for countless romance novel covers in order to become the idol of a generation of breathless readers. Still another man from this category who has found himself surrounded by admiring females was the rapper, Flavor Flav (born March 16, 1959 wik.) As the star of the reality show Flavor of Love, Flav was given the daunting task of choosing his next girlfriend from a coterie of lovely and very competitive young women.

Other examples of this type are comedian Tom Arnold (born March 6, 1959 adb,) who was formerly married to Roseanne Barr, African-American singer and actor, Harry Belafonte (born March 1, 1927 adb) former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair (born May 6, 1953 adb) and call girl turned singer and newspaper columnist, Ashley Dupre’ (born Apr. 30, 1985 wik) whose involvement with Eliot Spitzer caused a political fire storm.

If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Pisces

you are . . .

The Supreme Sensualist

You are the warmest, most sensuous and openhearted Lover anyone could ask for. You surrender yourself so sweetly and totally to the act of love that it is as if you were made for nothing else. There is a delicacy, sensitivity and vulnerability about your sexual nature that is both irresistible and alarming. People feel the need to protect you. Of course, they also feel the need to do some other things and that’s where the fun starts.

For all your passivity and emotional volatility you are, in the end, always a pragmatist. Your sweet surrender to love is only a means of heightening you own pleasure and it is never as complete as it appears. You can duplicate it again and again in the company of many different partners. Yes, you are something of an opportunist and you sometimes take unfair advantage of you undeniable sexual allure, but you are such a loving, gentle, and seductive opportunist that no one really minds.



Our first example of The Supreme Sensualist is the surrealist painter Max Ernst (born April 2, 1891 adb.) Living in France as an illegal immigrant (from Germany) he became embroiled in a tempestuous affair with beautiful British artist, Leonora Carrington but, when World War II broke out, Ernst’s dubious immigration status landed him in an internment camp. In the midst of the German invasion Ernst escaped his prison and, fearing the Nazis more than the French, fled into a marriage of convenience with the American heiress and noted art collector, Peggy Guggenheim. Guggenheim took the painter back to New York with her but couldn’t hold him. Ernst left her a year later for a much younger and much more attractive American artist named Dorothy Tanning.

Other examples of this type include French-Canadian singer Celine Dion (born March 30, 1968 adb) who was began her singing career at the age of 12 under the careful direction of her manager, Rene Angelil, who mortgaged his house in order to promote her. By the time she reached her 20s, Dion had become a major recording artist and she and Angelil, who is 25 years her senior, became lovers . Then there’s the Australian actress Lucy Lawless (born March 29, 1968 wik,) who made such an impression as television’s alpha-female, Xena, Warrior Princess that she almost got a planet named after her and baseball icon Babe Ruth (born Feb. 6, 1895 adb,) known for his sweet swing and his gargantuan appetites for food and women .

Other examples of The Supreme Sensualist is the out-spoken actress and writer Shirley MacLaine (born Apr. 24, 1934 adb) and the contentious R&B singer Chris Brown (born May 5, 1989 wik.)

If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Capricorn

you are . . .

The Solemn Sensualist

You are the Mars in Taurus Lover who is most mistrustful of your earthy sensuality. It’s not that you object to having a good time. In fact, you are one of the most physical Lovers of this type. You just don’t like the idea of surrendering yourself to sex. You look at all that pleasure, all that fleshly delight, all that joy and uninhibited animal passion and think there just has to be something wrong, some bill that will soon come due, some punishment waiting at the end of the fun. Of course, these feelings of doubt and mistrust rarely stop you from participating in these activities. It’s just that you are never totally at ease with your sexuality.

Because of this unease you have a tendency to think of sex as something nasty, carnal and uncouth. It irritates you when people try to dress up this essentially physical drive with talk of romantic heights and the mating of souls. As far as you are concerned, sex is only worthwhile when it is a little nasty, when it’s direct and unfiltered by social niceties. Of course, you try to be polite and give careful respect social conventions, but between the sheets you are only interested in the real thing.



It is interesting that the primary example of The Solemn Sensualist is a man about whose sex life we know very little, though many things have been presumed. J. Edgar Hoover (born Jan. 1, 1895 adb) was the director of the F.B.I. from the 1930s to the 1970s. During this time he developed a very close relationship with one of his top subordinates, Clyde Tolson. The two men rode to work together every morning, vacationed together every year and general behaved like a “couple.” Since Hoover was by then one of the most powerful men in Washington D.C. with secret files on the sex lives of many prominent figures in government, no one dared question their relationship. Hoover maintained the image of a “tough cop” married to his job until his death, and then the rumors and innuendo began to fly. One of the most outlandish of these stories placed the much feared Director at a homosexual orgy wearing a black dress and a feathered boa.

More conventionally dressed celebrity examples include  British singer James Blunt (Feb. 22, 1974 wik,) actor (The Fighter) Christian Bale (born Jan. 30, 1974 wik) Canadian-born basketball star Steve Nash (born Feb. 7, 1974 adb) and German Expressionist painter, noted for his paintings of animals, Franz Marc (born Feb. 8, 1880 adb.) Female examples include singer Kesha (Kesha Rose Stewart) (born March 1,1987,) actress Ellen Page (born Feb. 21, 1987,) author (Little Women) Louisa May Alcott (born Nov. 29, 1832 adb,) who, like Hoover, sacrificed her sex life for the sake of her career, and the Old West outlaw Belle Starr (born Feb. 5, 1848 wik.)


If you have Mars In Taurus with Venus in Aquarius

you are . . .

The Sensualist Without Limits

You are an uninhibited, free-spirited Lover and you bring to your sexual experiences a joy of discovery that is both exciting and infectious. You like to experiment in your sexual play and you appreciate variety and openness. Combined with your avid sensuality, this openness often leads you far away from the conservatism typical of Mars in Taurus. But as long as you stay close to your essential earthiness and follow the lead of your body, you can’t get into too much trouble.

Typically, the only aspect of your sexuality that causes you problems is your own headstrong idealism. Even though you are the most liberated Mars in Taurus Lover, you are also the least flexible. You have strong opinions about what your sexual experience should be and who it is you must love. Not only does this tendency to intellectualize sensation interfere with your ability to enjoy sex, it also sets up conflict between your mind and body that you may never completely resolve.



Our primary example of this type is the photographer, Diane Arbus (born March 14, 1923 wik.)· Known for her quirky photos of people on the freakish fringes of society, Arbus was happily married until she was 36. At this point, her husband left her and Arbus embarked on a sexual odyssey through swingers’ clubs, leather bars and porn houses, experimenting with as many different kinds of sex as she could. These forays into the sensual unknown provided her with great material for her photographs but they could not heal her broken heart.

Another sexual explorer in this group was writer Mercedes de Acosta (born March 1, 1893 wik,) an avowed lesbian who published an autobiography detailing her affairs with an array of famous women, including the film star Greta Garbo.

Fortunately, not all our examples of The Sensualist Without Limits are so extreme. We have actor Bruce Willis (born March 19, 1955 adb,) whose long divorce from Demi Moore seems to be more functional than most Hollywood marriages with both partners happily seeking out younger lovers. Also in this group super-skinny supermodel Kate Moss (born Jan. 16, 1974 mdb) whose body was immortalized in gold and singers Graham Nash (born Feb. 2, 1942 adb) and Carole King (born Feb. 9, 1942 adb.) Another example is the devilish child star of The Exorcist, Linda Blair (born Jan. 22, 1959 adb.)

If you have Mars in Taurus with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Inspired Sensualist

You are a very sensitive, skittish Lover and you often feels at odds with the raw, unmitigated sensuality of your own sexual feelings. You expect sex to be more than just flesh-on-flesh. You expect it to be an inspiration, a magical liberation of the spirit as well as the body. Therefore you are often disappointed, or simply overwhelmed by the sexual experiences you have as a Mars in Taurus Lover. You may try and escape the limitations of physical sex and seek out relationships that are based more on intellectual and spiritual affinity but no matter how much you try to develop the idealistic side of your sexual nature, deep down you will always remain a sensualist.

Even though you are a nervous, occasionally confused Lover who may require some special handling, the impulsive energy of your lovemaking can make you a very desirable partner. You are one of the least conservative Mars in Taurus Lovers and, when the mood is right, you can dazzle your partner with your daring and unpredictability. In your best moments you have the capacity to blend raw sexual energy with childlike joy and, when this happens, it is worth a little special handling.



Our primary example of this type is Madam Pompadour (born Dec. 29, 1721 adb,) the influential mistress of Louis XV of France. Though it was her youthful beauty that first attracted the amorous king, Pompadour understood that it would take more than sex to hold on to her exalted position so she also became her royal lover’s friend, confidant and, particularly in matter of art and culture, his advisor. In this way she remained an important figure within the court of Versailles even after Louis moved on the new mistresses .

Other examples of The Inspired Sensualist are actress Jamie Lee Curtis (Nov. 22, 1958 adb) and cartoonist and irreverent inventor of the Addams Family, Charles Addams (born Jan. 7, 1912 adb.) Also in this group is American military leader Douglas MacArthur (born Jan 26, 1880 adb.) The very ambitious and egocentric MacArthur was caught in a nasty scandal in the 1930s when his half-Chinese girlfriend, whom he had secretly been maintaining in grand style for years, sold her story to the press .

Another example of this type is the comedian W.C Fields (born Jan. 29, 1880 wik.) Fields dutifully gave monetary support to his wife, whom he deserted soon after the birth of their son, and his long time mistress but he never tired of proclaiming how much he resented these financial obligations .

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