If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Aquarius 

you are . . .

The Serene Extremist

You are the coolest of the Mars in Aries Lovers and for this reason you are often also the most dissatisfied. You long for over-the-top sexual experiences that will wash away your rational inhibitions but find that no matter how radical you become you just can’t lose your capacity for calm, intellectual control. You can be the most unconventional of all the Mars in Aries types and this makes you a very exciting partner but until you find a way to match physical reality of your sexuality with the idealism that burns inside your soul, you will always be restless and discontent.

Sex is always an abstraction for you. The people you love are often more important because of what they symbolize than for who they are. This can make your approach to love appear cold and clinical but, the fact is you can love a symbol with a steadiness and a fierce purity that will make real people jealous. The happiest relationship for you will be one in which sex is a diversion and real love exists in the mind.



The outstanding examples of The Serene Extremist all seem to all be women. First we have Gloria Steinem (born March 25, 1934 abd,) the woman who made feminism sexy. Though paired with several high-powered male companions during her years as a journalist and as the editor of MS. magazine, Steinem eschewed marriage, and its paternalistic implications and waited until she reached her 60s before she wed another Mars in Aries lover, David Bale.· Lou Andreas-Salome (born Feb. 12, 1861 wik) was a writer, journalist and completely independent woman who calmly defied the restrictions of her time. She avoided sex until she was 36, rebuffing both the proposal of an ardent Friedrich Nietzsche and the advances of her scholarly husband. Then she entered upon a series of passionate affairs, the most famous of which was with the poet Rainer Rilke who was 14 years her junior.· Then we have Georgina Spelvin (born Mar. 1, 1936,) a down-and-out Broadway actress and caterer who inadvertently won the lead in the in the classic porn movie The Devil in Miss Jones. Rounding out this serenely sexy group we have news anchor Leslie Stahl (born Dec. 16, 1941 adb) and actress Heather Graham (born Jan. 29, 1970 wik.)

The men in this group include the actor Richard Chamberlain (born March 31, 1934 adb,) TV heartthrob who established himself as the king of the television mini-series during the 1970s. The handsome Chamberlain became a prominent Hollywood leading man despite the fact that he was secretly homosexual and involved in a long term relationship with another man.· At the scary extreme of this category we have the cold-hearted Nazi careerist, Reinhard Heydrich (born March 7, 1904 adb,) who rose to become Heinrich Himmler’s chief deputy and one of the architects of the “Final Solution”· and on the totally weird extreme we have murderer, Richard Speck (born Dec. 6, 1941 adb,) who took female hormones and developed breasts while in prison in order to please his jailhouse lover.

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