If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Cancer 

you are . . .

The Emotional Extremist

You demand more from sex than most Mars in Aries Lovers. Sure, you want edgy excitement and far-reaching challenges but you also require emotional comfort and security. This adds an emotional intensity and visceral need to your sexuality that is pretty scary at times. People are drawn to you because of the power of your emotions and the urgency with which you express your sexual desires but they may be put off by your tendency to confuse extreme feelings and extreme experiences with extreme love.

You are among the most emotionally vulnerable of the Mars in Aries Lovers but this in no way hampers your aggressive, all-or-nothing approach to sex. In fact, this acute sensitivity and fear of rejection can cause you to take the violence and extremism of this type to an even higher and more dangerous level. You often behave as if you can somehow lessen the pain you are feeling by moving faster and being even more radical. Yours is a sexual nature that benefits greatly from maturity. Once you’ve gone through a few train wrecks and somewhat exhausted your taste for extremism, you can become a loving and extraordinarily faithful partner.



The most extreme example of The Emotional Extremist is none other that the Marquis de Sade (born June 2, 1740 adb.) As a member of the French upper class, Sade grew up is a world in which virtually anything was permitted but even this lax climate the daring and amoral marquis found ways to offend people. It was his penchant for blasphemy as much as his thirst for extreme sexual experiences that led to his downfall. Sade spent the bulk of his life in prison and it was in this solitary state that he wrote the books that made his name synonymous with kinky sex. There is as much anger as eroticism in these works, indications of deep emotional needs that were unacknowledged, unmet and, in the end replaced by an insatiable appetite for sensation, or at least for the idea of sensation.

Fortunately, we have other examples of this type that are less extreme and much more reassuring. .Angelina Jolie (born June 4, 1975 wik) exhibited some bizarre behavior during her youth (such self-mutilation, a sudden shift in sexual orientation and wearing a vial of her husband’s blood on a chain around her neck) but motherhood and maturity have apparently moved her beyond such extremes.· British novelist Aldous Huxley (born July 26, 1894 adb,) the author of Brave New World, was lured into an obsessive and degrading affair with the heiress Nancy Cunard but, after a while, he meekly returned to his wife and their stable, though highly unconventional marriage. Football legend, Joe Namath (May 31, 1943 adb) was noted for his flamboyant love life during his youth but he also settled into happy domesticity after he married. In his 1999 biography of Clint Eastwood (born May 31, 1930 adb), Patrick McGilligan revealed that the film idol was a compulsive womanizer who seemed to take perverse pleasure in psychologically abusing and manipulating his wives and girlfriends but these revelations did little to dampen Eastwood’s world-wide popularity. Another examples of this type who seems poised to trade a turbulent young for domestic tranquility is the British comedian and actor Russell Brand (born June 4, 1975 wik.) A younger and thus far tamer example is actor (Harry Potter) Rupert Grint (Aug. 24, 1988.)

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