If you have Mars in Aries with Venus in Gemini 

you are . . .

The Crafty Extremist

You are a shrewd Mars in Aries Lover. You go through the motions of putting it all on the line and swooping headfirst into love but you still manage to maintain a sense of intellectual distance between yourself and all the crazy things you are doing. To some degree this makes you a supremely enjoyable Lover who blends all-out intensity with plenty of fun. But there is also an element of duplicity in your sexual nature. In your drive for extreme experiences you are prone to promise much more than you intend to deliver.

You may be the most restless of the Mars in Aries Lovers and the most easily distracted. Plus, you have a taste for immediate gratification that often outweighs your Mars in Aries loyalty. However, physical sex is always a secondary allurement for you. It is ideas that really turn you on. The partner who wishes to hold your attention, and your loyalty, must be prepared to continually stoke the fires of your imagination.



Among The Crafty Extremist we have four notable women. Mary Wollstonecraft (born Apr. 27, 1759 wik) was an early feminist and author of A Vindication of the Rights of Women who, despite several youthful infatuations, did not start her sex life until she was in her 30s and began living openly with her American lover in Paris during the French Revolution.· Ruth Westheimer (born June 24, 1928 adb) gave advice on sex on radio and TV where her diminutive stature and cute German accent allowed her speak frankly about sex without seeming at all dirty. Golda Meir (born May 3, 1898 wik) rose from poor, working class roots to become the Premier of Israel while enjoying several discreet affairs with high-powered political figures who shared her Zionist beliefs and maintaining a troubled marriage to a man who did not.  And let's not forgert Margo Robbie, (born July 2, 1990) the woman who turned a movie about a plastic doll into a feminist statement.

Another Crafty Extremist was the Viennese painter, Gustav Klimt (born July 14, 1862 wik.) Klimt became famous for his decorative murals which frequently featured female figures in the grips of sexual ecstasy. Though he maintained a long-standing relationship with clothing designer, Emilie Flöge, Klimt had no use for matrimony and made free use of the starving young women from the poorest sections of Vienna who gathered daily in his studio to serve both as models for his lascivious nudes and as sexual partners. Other examples of this type are the combative Australian actor Russell Crowe (born April 7, 1964 wik) and the assassinated San Francisco politician Harvey Milk (born May 22, 1930 wik.)

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