If you have Mars in Capricorn with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Moody Slave of Love

Your sexual nature often seems out-of-balance and prone to extreme contradictions. On the one hand you are a very practical and physical Lover who seeks to control every relationship. On the other you are a profoundly emotional and essentially passive Lover who needs to give up everything for the sake of love. There’s no possibility of compromise. Conflicting desires and wild inconsistencies are just things you have to get used to in your sex life. And of course, the people who love you have to be willing to get used to them too.

Despite all the contradictions in your sexuality, you are a very desirable Lover. First of all you are gifted with an irresistible sexual allure—a combination of emotional vulnerability and tough, down-home sexiness. Secondly, you are a person who is utterly serious about love. It may take you a while and a great deal of trouble to find someone who even approximates the answer to your intense and divergent needs, but once you do, you are theirs forever.



Our celebrity examples of The Moody Slave of Love include actor Shia LaBeouf (born June 11, 1986 wik) twin television stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (born June 13, 1986 adb) and actress Barbara Stanwyck (born July 16, 1907adb.) Despite the fact that she was rumored to be bisexual and made her mark in Hollywood playing independent “tough broads,” Stanwyck’s emotional life was dominated by her two husbands. The first, Frank Fay, was a frustrated actor to whom she remained dogged loyal for seven years even though he frequently abused her. The second, the sexual ambivalent matinee idol Robert Taylor, remained her secret obsession despite the fact that their marriage proved unworkable.·

·Also in this group we have two notable but very different women from the 19th century, Anne Oakley (born Aug. 13, 1860 adb,) who became famous because her skill with a rifle and Lizzie Borden (born July 19, 1860 adb,) who earned her notoriety with an ax.

Another example of this combination of Mars and Venus is the English poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti (born May 12, 1828 adb.) The leader of the highly romantic Pre-Raphaelite group of painters, Rossetti fell madly in love with a beautiful shop girl named Lizzie Siddal but she refused to have sex with him before they were married. Rossetti respected her wishes but found it necessary to visit prostitutes and have sex with some his more earthbound models. Rossetti maintained his infatuation with Siddal for ten years until they were finally married. Tragically, Siddal committed suicide a short time later and Rossetti was left with only his memory of her to treasure and inspire his poetry. Meanwhile, he continued sleeping with his favorite model, a voluptuous working-class woman who stayed with the artist through his difficult final years.

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