If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Dangerously Perfect Lover

You are the most seductive of the Mars in Libra Lovers, one who understands the importance of sex both as a natural urge and a psychological force. This bit of wisdom adds a savvy edge to you romantic maneuvering but it does not make you any less of an idealist. You are still looking for the perfect love with the perfect partner. It’s just that, in your case, this bond must take place on a deeper, emotional level as well as in the mind.

You are the most conservative of Lover of this type an you prefer relationships in which you are the person in control. This can become a problem because the perfect union that Mars in Libra people always seek is a partnership between two equals. Your desire to dominate will make it difficult for you to find and hold on to the person who can fulfill you ideal. Someone is going to have to compromise and, as much as you might despise the notion, more often than not it's going to be you.



Celebrity examples of The Dangerously Perfect Lover include two tycoons. For many years Bill Gates (born Oct 28, 1955 adb) seemed to be married to his work and his prolonged bachelorhood was national joke. Then, just before he turned 40, Gates announced his engagement to a savvy Microsoft manager that he had been secretly dating for two years. Not surprisingly, Gates had put as much thought into his choice of a mate as he did in various business ventures and the result has been positive.·

Ted Turner (born Nov. 19, 1938 adb) submitted to psychotherapy and began taking medicine to curb his notorious temper after he married Jane Fonda, whom he called his “soul mate.” Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the marriage eventually ended in divorce largely because Fonda found the hard-driving businessman too controlling.

Another example of this group is playwright George S. Kaufman (born Nov.16, 1889 wik,) famous for his long string of hit Broadway plays during the 1920s and 30s. Kaufman was an eager virgin when he married and he deeply loved his wife but after their first child was stillborn, he was unable to perform sexually with her. The couple agreed to an open marriage with both entertaining lovers on the side. Kaufman’s extramarital affairs were numerous, though he handled them with such discretion that many of his friends were unaware. Then, when he was 44, he began an affair with actress Mary Astor. Five years later Astor’s husband filed for divorce and her diaries, which contained a detailed history of their affair, were read in court. Astor heaped such praise on Kaufman’s sexual stamina and technique that he was labeled “public lover number one” by the press.·

Also in this group we have actor Tommy Lee Jones (born Sept. 15, 1946 adb) and John Adams (born Oct 30, 1735 adb,) second President of the United States and devoted husband of Abigail.

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