If you have Mars in Libra with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The More than Perfect Lover

You are a Lover so in love with the idea of love that nothing else matters.  At times your whole-hearted idealism makes you too optimistic and too easily deceived by people who promise to fulfill your ideals and then renege but, as delicate and unworldly as your romantic fantasy may seem, it is remarkably durable. Though you may be misused and hurt, you never lose your faith in the power of true love.

Issues of the flesh are always secondary to you and you are apt not to give them much thought. If such urges must be satisfied, then so be it. If sex proves useful in reaching other goals, that’s fine too. As long as sex does not intrude on your ideal of perfect love such physical inconveniences hardly matters. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world does not agree with you on this point and, measured by their standards, your sexual behavior may seem immoral or at least strangely naïve. You must learn to allow for such harsh realities even as you strive to create that grand idyll of perfect love.



In this group we have two accomplished men whose careers were jeopardized by sexual peccadilloes: basketball star Kobe Bryant (born Aug. 23, 1978 adb) who had to scramble to save both his marriage and his lucrative endorsement deals when he was charged with rape after having sex with a hotel employee in Colorado· and William Jefferson Clinton (born Aug. 19, 1946 adb,) who almost became the first President of the United States to be impeached for lying about his sex life. Clinton’s definition of what constitutes sexual relations still has people scratching their heads but his fierce loyalty to his wife has never wavered.··

Also in this group two women who used sex as a livelihood. The first is Althea Flynt (born Nov. 6, 1953 adb,) an ex-stripper who helped her husband, Larry Flynt, build a pornography empire. Despite their deep affection for one another the couple maintained an open relationship that work well since both husband and wife preferred women for the extramarital encounters. Althea Flynt remained doggedly loyal to her husband until her death. And then we have Ilona Staller (born Nov. 26, 1951 adb,) a porn star who won a seat in the Italian parliament by campaigning topless. Staller’s professional skills were turned into “high art” when her husband, art star Jeff Koons, exhibited giant photographs of the two of them having sex.

Other examples of The More Than Perfect Lover include actor Michael Douglas (born Sept. 25, 1944 adb,) newswoman Connie Chung (born Aug. 20, 1946 adb) and pop singer Freddie Mercury (born Sept. 5, 1946 adb.)

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