If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Sagittarius

you are . . .

The Maestro of Excitement

You are an enthusiastic, ferociously energetic Lover whose capacity for love seems to have no bounds. In fact, your generosity and confidence are such that people often fail to notice that the ideal of unlimited love by which you live does not include a sense of responsibility. You are so intent on expressing your sexual freedom that you often forget other people might be hurt or offended by your liberty. You need to cultivate the ability to say “no”—particularly to yourself. As awful as it may sound, a little frustration can actually do you some good.

On the positive side, you manage to have as much fun with sex as is humanly possible. Your approach to the erotic is always fresh and wondrous and you never allow yourself to be pulled down by the mundane. At your best your love-making can take on an almost spiritual quality and your boundless capacity for love and eroticism can expand far beyond your bedroom and the trivialities of physical pleasure to encompass the whole world.



Our first example of The Maestro of Excitement is pornographer Artie Mitchell (born Dec. 17, 1945 birth certificate.)· Mitchell and his older brother, Jim, formed a team that turned “dirty movies” into a billion dollar industry during the 1970s. Along the way, Artie Mitchell became famous for his array of beautiful girlfriends and his wild sexual antics. Though he was married twice and maintained the semblance of being suburban family man, Mitchell recognized no limits to his excessive lifestyle and women flocked to him despite his rude and occasionally abusive behavior. Mitchell’s crazy ride ended when an argument with his long-suffering brother resulted in Jim shooting Artie to death.

Other examples of this type include veteran actors Robert Duvall (born Jan. 5, 1931 adb) and Rip Torn (born Feb. 6, 1931 adb,) as well as modernist painters Wassily Kandinsky (born Dec. 4, 1866 adb) and Rene Magritte (born Nov. 21, 1898 adb.)· Also in this category we have businessman and politician Herman Cain (born Dec. 13, 1945) and the noted author of Silas Mariner and Middlemarch, George Eliot (born Nov. 22, 1819 adb.) Forced to publish under a man’s name because of the prejudices of her time and seemingly condemned to remain unwed because of her remarkable ugliness, Eliot managed to attain literary success and to maintain a passionate, though unofficial, union with George Henry Lewes (who was married to another woman.) She was also romantically attached to two women, though it is unclear how physical these relationships became.·

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