If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Scorpio

you are . . .

The Maestro of Mystery

You are the naughty Mars in Leo Lover. You are a very sexy Lover with a knack for bombast and display, and you occasionally enjoy upsetting people whose ideas about sex and relationships are prudish and complacent. Many will find your approach to sex too bold and a little intimidating and that’s just the way you like it. Still, no one should assume that you sexuality is ever out of control, even when you are behaving badly. You are essentially a very conservative Lover who rarely does anything in the realm of love or sex that is not carefully planned and thought out.

Nothing excites you quite as much as the mixture of sex with power. You are Lover who takes more pleasure in a battle of wills than a simple tussle in bed. At your worse you can use your dark and often devious sensuality to entrap and dominate other people. At your best your complex and power-driven sexuality will serve to winnow out weaker and less worthy partners and leave you with only those strong enough to give your willful sexual nature a little competition.



Our celebrity examples of The Maestro of Mystery start off with several strong-willed women: actress Demi Moore (born Nov. 11, 1962 adb,) actress Jodie Foster (born Nov. 19, 1962 adb,) actress Sigourney Weaver (born Oct 8, 1949 adb,) actress Goldie Hawn (born Nov. 21, 1945 adb,) singer and actress Bette Midler (born Dec. 1, 1945 adb,) and former first lady and Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton (born Oct. 26, 1947 adb.)

Men in this category include actor Richard Dreyfuss (born Oct. 29, 1947 adb) and rock musicians Neil Young (born Nov. 12, 1945) and Bruce Springsteen (born Sept. 23, 1949 adb) along with actor and director John Krasinski (born Oct. 20,1979.) One notable example of this type is Bob Guccione (born Dec. 17. 1930 adb.)· As the publisher and often the lead photographer of Penthouse, the first magazine of its kind to serious compete with Playboy, Guccione amassed a fortune by putting his sexual tastes on display.

A historical example of this type is the influential British Prime Minister from the Victorian era, Benjamin Disraeli (born Dec. 21, 1804 adb.) Disraeli had two careers, first as a scandal-mongering novelist and then as a politician. In both he made extensive use of his power over women to advance his cause. One woman helped him write his first novel and another helped him rise to prominence in the Conservative Party. At this point Disraeli turned his attention to a rich widow who was 12 years his senior. He wooed her vigorous until she agreed to marry him then he settled down and became a devoted husband.

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