If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Libra

you are . . .

The Maestro of Sweetness

There is a delicate artistry about your sexuality that makes you an extraordinary Lover with no time for the commonplace. You have to take sex to a higher level and infuse it with a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual perfection. This erotic idealism touches every area of your life and once you find a partner who capable of meeting you exacting demands, that person us sure to be rewarded with devotion and ardor fit for royalty.

You are an exceedingly warm and exciting Lover, so it is a tragedy when your sexual perfectionism makes you appear cold and controlling. And yet there are times when your sexual expectations become so unrealistic and so festooned with idealistic conditions that no partner can hope to satisfy you. The ideal of a perfect love is always admirable but it serves no purpose it all it can win you is loneliness and frustration.



Our primary example of this type is the English poet, critic and patron of the arts, Edith Sitwell (born Sept. 7, 1887 adb.) Born with an extraordinary eye for beauty but no beauty herself, Sitwell opted for a celibate lifestyle. Her one great love was a Russian surrealist painter named Pavel Tchelitchew. Tchelitchew was a homosexual and he shameless used Sitwell for her wealth and connections. Sitwell endured her platonic lover’s demands until she grew tired of his painting. After Sitwell failed to praise the painting Tchelitchew regarded as his masterpiece the two drifted apart.

Other examples of The Maestro of Sweetness include two men enjoyed phenomenal success in their youth only to die young, rock-and-roll idol Buddy Holly (born Sept 7, 1936 adb) and actor River Phoenix (born Aug. 23, 1970 adb.) Also part of this group is singer Beyonce Knowles (born Sept. 4, 1981 wik,) Margaret Mitchell (born Nov. 8, 1900 adb,) author of Gone with the Wind and the creator of Scarlet O’Hara, over-weight star on Broadway who became a slender TV talk show host, Ricki Lake (born Sept 21, 1968 adb) and super model and business woman Clauda Schiffer (born Aug. 25, 1970 adb.)

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