If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Leo

you are . . .

The Divine Maestro of Love

You are the divinely anointed autocrat of sex. No one tells you what to do and nothing can limit the expression of your sexuality. You break rules, not because you are rebellious, but because your sexual needs supercede all man-made laws (and even some natural ones). Of course, you’ll probably deny that you’ve ever had notions like this and chuckle over the implications. And that’s okay. The divinely anointed autocrat of sex shouldn’t be forced to admit to anything.

The one skill missing from your erotic arsenal is compromise. It’s not that you’ll ever have problems getting people to do what you want. If your effervescent charm doesn’t get them then your commanding self-confidence surely will. Still, your need to be in complete control of your sexual experience often causes you to behave in unrealistic and even unsavory ways and your stubbornness with regard to what you do and do not find pleasurable can put off even the most enamored partner. You need to keep in mind that, at its best, sex is a shared experience and that putting someone else’s happiness above your own is actually kind of hot.



Two interesting historical examples of The Divine Maestro of Love are Louis XIII, King of France (born Sept 27, 1601 adb) and his Queen, Anne of Austria (born Sept 22, 1601 adb.) Both these royals shared this combination and, not surprisingly, they were famously incompatible. The King refused to consummate the marriage until he was literally dragged into the Queen’ bedchamber by a concerned valet. After Anne suffered two early miscarriages, she and Louis managed to live apart for much of their married life, moving separately from one royal residence to another. It was only when the Queen was trapped in one of their palaces by bad weather on the same day that the King arrived that the couple found a way to conceive Louis XIV.

More contemporary examples include two people who were embroiled in sex scandals. One is Jessica Hahn (born July 7, 1959 adb,) the church secretary whose tryst with televangelist Jim Bakker brought down a television empire.The other is Eliot Sptzer (born June 10, 1959 wik,) the former prosecutor and sitting governor of New York whose political career was ended when police investigators uncovered the fact that he habitually sought the services of expensive prostitutes.· Actor Billy Bob Thornton (born Aug. 4, 1955 wik) is also part of this group as is the “no rehab” singer Amy Winehouse (born Sept. 14, 1983 wik,) and actress Salma Hayek (born Sept. 2, 1966 wik.) Finally, we have three notable Brits: actor Clive Owen (born Oct. 3, 1964 wik,) boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe (borm July 23, 1989 imdb,) and the British star of the American TV series House, Hugh Laurie (born June 11, 1959 wik.)

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