If you have Mars in Leo with Venus in Cancer

you are . . .

The Maestro of Emotion

You are one of the most alluring and passionate Mars in Leo Lovers. Sex is more that just playtime to you, more than an excuse to display your creative verve. It is an all-consuming emotional passion, an irresistible mixture of fiery desire and sincere, heart-felt sentiment. People respond immediately to you emotionally charged sexuality but they’re not always prepared to deal with your bossiness and your need to dramatize your emotions, your relationships and your partners. In fact, your love life often resembles an overwrought play in which everyone is expected to perform to your specifications.

You are a sensitive Mars in Leo Lover with a remarkable capacity for anticipating the needs of your partner. The problem for you is deciding how to use these intuitions. You can use them to be a better Lover, a Lover who always knows how best to please his or her partner on every level. Or you can use this sensitivity to increase your control over the relationship and bend your partner to your will. Those who choose the former course can count on warm, rewarding and enduring relationships. Those who choose the latter will, at some point or another, have a lot of explaining to do.



Our most outstanding example of The Maestro of Emotion is the dancer and alleged spy Mata Hari (born Aug 7, 1876 adb.) Mata Hari was the stage name of a Dutch divorcee named Margaritha Zelle Macleod. Margaretha began her career with hardly any knowledge of dance and only a passing familiarity with Indonesia culture but through luck and little striptease she became an international sensation. After achieving fame, Margaretha became the kept woman of a Parisian banker but when he went bankrupt she was forced to revive her act and hit the road. She ended up in Berlin just as World War I broke out. This was enough to draw the attention of British intelligence and they passed their concerns on to the French. An ambitious French intelligence officer drew the dancer into plot designed to implicate her as a German spy. Through all of this Margaretha behaved as though she had the situation under complete control and that the men involved would eventually acquiesce to her charms. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen that way. At her trial Mata Hari’s famous sexual allure was used against her and she was convicted not only as a spy but as the ultimate femme fatale.

Real estate developer, politician and deal maker, Donald Trump (born June 14, 1946 adb,) provides us with a masculine example of this group. Known for his self-aggrandizing tactics, Trump’s highly publicized marriages and divorces to beautiful, and much younger women, have become a· part of his larger than life persona. Other examples of this category are comedian Milton Berle (born July 12, 1908 adb) and actors Martin Sheen (born Aug. 3 1940 adb,) William Dafoe (born July 22, 1955 adb) and Gary Busey (born June 29, 1944 adb.)

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