Could it be Sagittarius?sag complete

Every sign of the Zodiac has the capacity to tell lies. They may do it for different reasons and in different ways, but they all do it. This is part nine of a twelve part series in which we will see how any Sun sign could become the “biggest liar in the Zodiac.”

The Sagittarius Liar

No Sun sign has a better reputation for telling the truth than Sagittarius. Honesty is one of the most salient traits of this group. In fact, the most common criticisms of Sagittarian people is that they are too honest. At times their honesty can be brutal and thoughtless. And yet, even in this realm famous for its veracity we can find a few liars.

The quality that most often gets Sagittarius people in trouble is their optimism. These folks always expect good things to happen. They take good fortune as a given and never doubt their ability to deal with the odd misfortunate turn of events. This grandiose optimism means that Sagittarian have a pronounced tendency to make promises that they cannot keep. Unfortunately, there are always those inexplicable moments with reality fails to match the hopeful expectations  of this sign and the Sagittarian are faced with the unthinkable proposition of admitting that he or she were wrong.

Even here, the Sagittarius person does not lie; at least not directly. It is more typical for him or her to simply delay telling the truth. After all, maybe in a day, or a week or perhaps a year, the world will right itself and Sagittarius’ fancy predictions will actually prove to be correct. Of course, what the Sagittarius liar really wants to avoid is taking responsibility for their false promises and errant predictions so, when the truth becomes undeniable, they will usually find a way of shifting the blame to someone else.

As the Chief Operating Officer of the energy company known as Enron, Jeffrey Skilling (born Nov. 25, 1953) was charged with convincing investors and people doing business with the company that Enron’s future was rosy. He did a remarkably effective job. Not only did he convince big-moneyed investors of the company’s bright future, he spread that corporate optimism to the workers at Enron, many of whom put their entire retirement savings into the company’s stock.

Unfortunately, Skilling’s optimistic forecasts were predicated on some very funny numbers. When it became apparent that the company’s big lie was about to be uncovered, Skilling did what Sagittarian liars typically do, he denied all responsibility and sought to shift the blame to other Enron executives.

It’s not that Sagittarians lack the courage to admit that they have lied. Courage is another of the outstanding qualities of this sign. But Sagittarians hate being tied down by responsibility. They also hate having their futures limited by past mistakes. In the case of Skilling, those limitations were severe. His lies resulted in a prison sentence.



So what sign would you call "the biggest liar in the zodiac"? Would it be Sagittarius? Go to comments an let us know.


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