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Could it be Pisces?

Every sign of the Zodiac has the capacity to tell lies. They may do it for different reasons and in different ways, but they all do it. This is part twelve of a twelve part series in which we will see how any Sun sign could become the “biggest liar in the Zodiac.”

The Pisces Liar

Pisces people are famous for not recognizing the boundary between truth and fantasy. They are emotional people and their emotions shape their opinions. Because their judgments tend to be subjective, simple facts have a way of becoming vague and personal. So even when Pisces folks thinks that they are telling the truth, quite often what they're saying is true only to them.


When a Pisces does decide to tell an intentional lie, however, he or she typically tells a pretty good story. These are imaginative and adaptable people so they are rarely at a loss for a good excuse or a plausible denial. The problem is that Pisces folks typically lack the focus, self-control and organized thinking necessary to be a skilled liar so, no matter how inventive and entertaining their fabrications, they usually fail in the long run.

Despite their clumsiness at telling them, falsehoods can play an important part in the lives of Pisces people. Lies, delusions and fantasies are often woven into the very fabric of their lives. This is not always a problem. A Pisces can find as much inspiration for good works in a false assumption as in a whole book of truths. But there are times when these imbedded lies can be destructive, and trying to dislodge one or prove it false can be a dangerous thing.

A lie can become such an intrinsic part of a Pisces person’s reality that it can’t be removed without releasing a torrent of emotion. This could be anger, it could be disillusionment, in could be fear or guilt. Certainly, these powerful emotions can be transformative and help the Pisces person find a more truthful way of seeing the world, but you don’t want to be standing too close during the process.

In 1988 television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart (born Mar. 15, 1935) was forced to confront an unwelcomed truth when a rival minister caught him in a motel with a prostitute. Swaggart, a fiery preacher who had no difficulty condemning swaggart confession
the sins of others, seemed to have a blind spot when it came to this particular facet of his own behavior. And once the falseness of his point of view was revealed, the result was a loud and tearful confession that was broadcast around the world. As impressive a Rev. Swaggart’s histrionic were, apparently the transformation did not last. He was caught with a prostitute again in 1991.



So what sign would you call "the biggest liar in the zodiac"? Would it be Pisces? Go to comments an let us know.

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