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The recent split between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas points out the fact that Sun sign compatibility is just not enough the sustain a relationship. Heck, these two were born on the same day,(25 years apart, of course, but that’s Hollywood.) The Sun in each of their charts is exactly at the same degree. So what could go wrong? (Click here and here to link to Astrodatabase and the horoscopes so Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas.

The indications of compatibility between these two horoscopes don’t stop with the Sun. The Moon signs of this couple are also compatible. Zeta-Jones Pisces Moon responds well to Douglas’ Capricorn Moon. He can keep her grounded while her intuition and sensitivity to his moods make him feel a bit safer and insulated from worldly concerns.

Also, Douglas’ Moon is at exactly the same degree of Capricorn as Zeta-Jones’ Mars. Her sexuality inspires him and makes him feel less vulnerable to the vicissitudes of life (such as aging.)

What is missing from this relationship is any hope of compatibility between their Mars and Venus signs.

Douglas’ Mars and Venus are both in Libra, an Air sign. He is a man looking for an ideal, something that Zeta-Jones certainly fulfilled with her beauty and accomplishments as an actress. For him, just marrying such a paragon of loveliness and talent was sufficient. Having children with her took his idealism to an even higher level. But, where do you go from there?

Catherine Zeta-Jones was born with Venus in Virgo and Mars in Capricorn, two Earth signs. Her sexuality is not going to be sustained by ideals. Her sexual profile demands physical proof of devotion and love. Sex is an important part of the physicality but so are gifts, acts of service and just being there when you are most needed.

For Douglas everything important involving sex happens inside one’s head. Once you changed your thinking about a person, then the sexual excitement comes to an end. This is why he seems to have suddenly given up on the relationship.

For Zeta-Jones, as long as the physical attraction remains, so does the possibility of love. This is why she maintains that the couple is still “working” on their marriage.

It is possible for a marriage to last without Mars/Venus compatibility, but it is not easy and it is usually necessary that one of the parties make a huge sacrifice. Personally, I don’t see that kind of sacrifice coming from either Michael Douglas or Catherine Zeta-Jones, so I would be surprised if their union survives this rough patch.

Have any of you been in or seen relationships that seemed to work everywhere except in the bedroom? Is sexual compatibility really that important? We always appreciate your comments and observations.

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