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On Aug. 21, the day of that the Syrian military allegedly attacked rebels with chemical weapons, transiting Mars was opposite Barack Obama’s natal Saturn. This is not what we call a “big” aspect in astrology. It may describe a bad day or two and that’s all. But, when you’re President of the United States, a bad day can have international implications. (Click here to see Barack Obama' horoscope.)

A few days later, as Mars was opposing Obama’s natal Jupiter, his administration started making its case for a military strike in response to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons. Obama, who had been highly critical of George Bush’s ill-conceived intervention into Iraq, was now advocating a military strike on another Mideast nation.

The bigger aspect in Obama’s horoscope right now is the movement of transiting Saturn toward his natal Neptune. Saturn has already crossed Obama’s natal Neptune twice, in Dec. 2012 and April 2013, but this final contact promises to be particularly fateful.

Obama’s Neptune is in the 9th House which deals with matters involving foreign countries. Having Neptune placed in the 9th indicates vague and indefinite ideas with regard to 9th House matters. A lot of people have criticized the President for failing to show leadership with regard to the Syrian civil war. This could be one reason why.

With Saturn crossing his Neptune, however, Obama is in a situation in which a vague response is no longer possible. As he put it, a “line” has been crossed. Saturn brings clarity. It pushes us toward concrete action. It rips away Neptunian indecision and demands commitment. Obama has answered Saturn’s call.

Of course, the 9th House also has to do with moral and ethical issues. Any military action that the United States takes is going to kill people and it is highly unlikely that any of the people who are killed will be the ones who approved, orchestrated and carried out the gas attack. Neptune is sensitive to this moral ambiguity. Saturn is not.

With Saturn on his 9th House Neptune, it seems likely that President Obama will respond to Syria’s use of chemical weapons with force. It is also likely that innocent lives will be lost and that he will receive criticism for this. Saturn will complete its conjunction with Obama’s Neptune by the end of this month and move on to other matters. Meanwhile, he will be left with Neptune in the 9th House and all the moral uncertainty that come with it.

What’s your opinion of the Syrian matter? Are you with Saturn, or Neptune?

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