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Neptune and Lamar Odom

It’s hard to know whether to pity Lamar Odom or envy him. He started out a poor child with an absentee, drug addicted dad and a mother who died when he was 12.  Since then he has been beset with a variety of problems, often involving drugs and death. On the other hand, he is gifted with extraordinary athletic skills that have made his star in the NBA and he’s married to a Kardashian. Odom’s life has certainly had its highs and lows. Right now, he seems to be at a low point.

We do not have a time of birth for Odom. (Click here to see his horoscope charted for noon.) That’s always a limitation but in this case, it is particularly problematic. One of the most important aspects in the noon chart is an opposition between Neptune and the Moon. However, since the Moon moves about twelve degrees a day, we can’t sure how this aspect will appear in his real horoscope. If he was born before 10 AM it would be two wide to be effective.

Regardless of the placement of his Moon, Neptune is certainly playing a major role in Odom’s horoscope at the present time. Transiting Neptune (Neptune in the sky at this moment) has been moving back and forth between square aspects to Odom’s natal Venus and his natal Mercury since early in 2012.

Neptune aspects don’t always result in dramatic events. Neptune is the planet of dreams and visions or, on the negative side, obscurity, escapism and lies. Its influence is often subtle, but insidious. With Neptune we tend to think we are behaving normally and doing exactly what we should when, in fact, we are slowly destroying ourselves. Delusions, misplaced confidence and a refusal to face the truth are all symptoms of a bad Neptune transit.

When Neptune afflicts Venus priorities with regard to relationships become jumbled and indefinite. We feel misunderstood by those who love us or, perhaps, unable to understand them. Neptune square Mercury is an aspect of mistrust and extremely poor decision-making. We don’t see the facts that everyone else sees and make judgments that are either errant or dishonest.

Because of Odom’s high-profile marriage, the rumors surrounding Lamar’s situation are flying thick and fast. Basically, it seems that he is struggling with some sort of substance dependency. Drug problems and denial are typical Neptunian issues. With Neptune we often lie to people who love us but, more important, we invariably lie to ourselves.

It is very difficult to get a people to see the truth about themselves when they are under a Neptune affliction. Neptune will continue to molest Odom’s Mercury and Venus until the beginning of 2015. However, people facing Neptune problems are often helped by turning to the positive qualities of the planet, such as spirituality and religious faith. If Neptune is opposite the Moon in Odom’s natal horoscope, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a development of this sort in his near future.

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