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The Horoscope of Katy Perry (Part Three)

In my last two articles I’ve been discussing the horoscope of Katy Perry. (Click here to see the sources of her birth information and chart in AstroDataBase.) Now let’s see how the Cycle of Saturn has influenced and is going to influence Perry’s horoscope.


First of all we have to go back to 1999 when Perry was first discovered signing in her church and offered a recording contract with a Christian rock label. At that time Saturn was opposite it natal position. As I’ve pointed out in other articles, this is the crucial “adolescent” opposition in what we call the Saturn Cycle. For most people it coincides with events of a more personal nature, but for Perry (as it did for Paris Jackson) the opposition also proved to have relevance to her career.

The attempt to launch Katy Perry (or Katy Hudson, as she was then known) as a Christian singer fell flat. As I said in my last entry, people with the Moon conjunct Saturn can’t expect any easy road to success. Perry returned to California where she was eventually signed by Columbia Records. When Saturn crossed her Midheaven, another crucial point in the Saturn Cycle, she was in a kind of musical limbo. She had recorded material for a new album but Columbia refused to release it.

When Saturn crosses the Midheaven there is often an important shift in one’s career, but not always. The prime role of Saturn in astrology is to test us, to make us face our limitations and acknowledge our weaknesses. It must have been very difficult for Perry, who has both the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, to acknowledge that her fate was in the hands of a few studio executives. With Saturn involved, you can bet it was a lesson that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

In 2007, when Saturn made it age 21 square with its natal place, Perry’s career was given new life. She was dropped by Columbia and signed with Virgin Records. Around this point, she decided to adopt the stage name, Katy Perry. We often make important decisions that relate to our identity during one of these crucial points in the Saturn Cycle. The album she released with Virgin, “One of the Boys” became her vehicle to super-stardom. (I’ll have more to say about this period in my next entry.)

But Saturn wasn’t at all through with Katy Perry. During her sudden rise to fame, Perry met and married the popular British comedian Russell Brand. For a while they seemed the perfect celebrity couple but then, in Feb. 2012 (just as Saturn crossed Perry’s Ascendant) Brand filed for divorce. Again Saturn presented Perry with a powerful lesson, this time on a more personal level.

In Dec. 2013 and again in June and Aug. 2014, Saturn will make its age 28 conjunction with Perry’s natal Saturn. We can expect Perry’s career to take a significant turn during this period, just as it did when Saturn opposed its natal place in 1999 and squared it in 2007.

This first “Saturn Return” is a time in which we fully take on the role of being an adult. Not only do we deal with “adult” responsibilities (such as a marriage, children, a mortgage, etc.) but we are forced to wrestle with those flaws in our character that were acceptable when we were “children” but don’t fit our new role. For Perry, going through the process could mean the beginning of a new relationship, one in which she has the level of control that her Scorpio, Moon conjunct Saturn personality requires.

See may book Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life for more information about Saturn Cycles.

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