What’s Next for Miley Cyrus?Cyrus Image

Miley Cyrus has been a famous person for a long time now. At an age when most performers are just getting started, she is already a veteran. Let’s take a quick look at her horoscope and see what it has to tell us about her continued success.

The birth time we have for Cyrus comes from a post on Facebook. Since, no source was given we have to view it with suspicion. You can see this chart by clicking here, but my statements regarding Cyrus’ horoscope will be based on a chart done for noon.

Cyrus is a Sagittarius by Sun sign and she has that sign’s energy and verve, but she is not a really typical Sagittarius. Her Moon is probably in Scorpio, as is her Mercury and she has Venus and two other planets in Capricorn. Cyrus is a serious, thoughtful person with a firm grip on reality. Her Sun is trine Mars which gives her stamina and further stokes that Fire sign energy.  This aspect will bring out the impulsive side of her Sagittarian Sun but, most of the time her actions are not nearly as spontaneous as they appear.

Right now transiting Uranus is square Cyrus’ Venus which explains her breakup with Hemsworth. Uranus represents disruptive forces and abrupt changes in direction. From now until the beginning of 2015 Uranus and Pluto will be double-teaming natal Venus in this chart. Cyrus’ emotional life is going to be unsettled during this period and she may make some decisions that prove to be, at best, questionable.

Meanwhile, Cyrus will be going through her age 21 Saturn square this Fall. This is a passage during which we feel compelled to prove our adulthood and our separation from our childish pass. Marriage is one way of doing this. (Britney Spears jumped into her marriage to Kevin Federline during her age 21 Saturn square.) However, given the aspects to her Venus by Pluto and Uranus, Cyrus should stay clear of any serious commitment for a while.

Another way that Cyrus could deal with this age 21 Saturn passage would be to take her career in a new, more independent direction. Cyrus has already surprised people with her efforts to display a sexier, more adult persona. We might see more of this or a greater emphasis on acting. One way or another, for good or ill, important career decisions will be made during this passage.

If we had a verifiable birth time for Cyrus I could say more. For example, the horoscope charted for 4:19 PM places Venus in the 8th House. Venus in the 8th afflicted by Uranus and Pluto functions in a darker and more self-destructive way than it might with Venus in another house. However, since this time is not sourced, a complete analysis is impossible.

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