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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

The Mars/Venus Compatibility Analysis

A lot of ink is being spilt over the breakup of singer Miley Cyrus and Hunger Games actor Liam Hemsworth. For a while, this couple seemed to be a Hollywood dream team and perhaps a “power couple” in the making but now they are on the outs. Let’s do a comparison of their Mars and Venus signs and find out why. (Click here to see a double chart for Cyrus and Hemsworth.)

Liam Hemsworth, born Jan. 13, 1990 in Melbourne, Australia– Mars in Sagittarius with Venus in Aquarius, The Wild Love Child.

Miley Cyrus, born Nov. 23, 1992 in Nashville, TN – Mars in Cancer with Venus in Capricorn, The Hard-Nosed Home Body.
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His Venus in Aquarius with Her Venus in Capricorn
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Semi-Sextile (Implies a lack of common ground)
There will a lot of miscommunication with this combination. She wants to see physical manifestations of his affection both sexually and in the form of gifts and favors. He can be satisfied with the knowledge that they have an intellectual bond. Both approach relationship with a serious sense of purpose but her materialism will cause him to feel that his high ideals regarding love have been sullied.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 3 

His Mars in Sagittarius with Her Mars in Cancer
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Quincunx (Implies a lack of common ground)
He is adventurous and treasures his freedom. To her, both these tendencies represent a threat to her emotional security. He will have trouble keeping up with her passion and with her sexual and emotional demands. Eventually, her neediness and his desire to be free are going to clash
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 1 

His Mars in Sagittarius with Her Venus in Capricorn
Relationship between Zodiac Signs—Semi-Sextile (Implies a lack of common ground)
He’s looking for a relationship that will soar above the common place, a relationship that will be about more than just sex and comfort. She is interested in something more conventional. The one good thing about this combination is that she is drawn to difficult relationships.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 2
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 5

His Venus in Aquarius with Her Mars in Cancer
Relationship between Zodiac Signs— Quincunx (implies a lack of common ground)
She’s looking for a conventional, long-term relationship in which she can feel secure and safe. He will find her conventionality burdensome and limiting. Sexually, she will attracted to his strength but she will also see him as cold and unwilling to compromise. He will feel protective toward her but will object to her irrational behavior and to her emotional dependency.
Love Factor (0 to 10) = 3
Lust Factor (0 to 10) = 4

Total Love Factor (0- 30) = 8
Total Lust Factor (0-30) = 10

Mars and Venus Summary

Here the question is not “Should these two people stay together? It’s “What brought them together in the first place?” Since we do not have a birth time for Hemsworth and the birth time given for Cyrus comes from an unsubstantiated source, we can only speculate that there is a powerful connection between their horoscopes that doesn’t involve Venus or Mars.

Even without a complete chart we can see that Cyrus’ Venus is close to Hemsworth’s Mercury. This shows us that communication on a non-sexual level was easy and gratifying for both of them. Also Hemsworth’s Venus is sextile Cyrus’ Sun which is a conducive to an affectionate relationship. These aspects, accompanied by a connection involving the angles of the charts (about which we can only guess) might have been enough to sustain a relationship but only if sex was not an issue.

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