What Jupiter Tells about Michele Bachmannmichelebachmann

One of the most frustrating problems for astrologers is getting someone’s correct time of birth. It’s a matter that most people don’t find important so they typically don’t know or they casually throw out an approximate time or give you a time that they think their mother mentioned but they’re not sure and anyway she have five kids and could have got it mixed up.  Even with a time on a birth certificate there are often questions about the time zone or daylight savings time. It can be real headache.

Michele Bachmann gave astrologer's such a headache a while back when she mentioned that she had been born at 12:08 but didn’t specify if the time was AM or PM. Fortunately, her recent announcement that she would not seek reelection to her seat in the House of Representatives gives us a clue.

A few days before she made the announcement, when the decision was likely solidified; transiting Jupiter, Mercury and Venus were all near 21 degrees of Gemini. If Bachmann were born at 12:08 AM, this is where her Descendant would be. With a Jupiter, Venus and Mercury all crossing her Descendant at the same time Bachmann would feel the need to clarify her relationship with other people, in particular her constituents. This is what her announcement accomplished. (Click here to see a horoscope for Michelle Bachmann charted for 12:08 AM)

In a previous article I pointed out that transiting Uranus would be crossing what was possibly Bachmann’s Midheaven in mid 2014 and early 2015. At that time I favored the chart done for 12:08 PM. However, with a birth time of 12:08 AM Uranus would be on her I.C. which is directly opposite her Midheaven, implying the same kind of disruptive changes but slanted more toward matters related to her home and security.

Bachmann is currently under investigation by multiple agencies for alleged campaign finance irregularities in her 2012 bid for president. Who knows when or if these investigation will result in any substantial charges against the congresswoman, but it’s clear, both from Bachmann’s announcement and the way Uranus will be impact her horoscope (no matter which time we use), that next year will be a period of major changes for her.

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