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Amanda Bynes and the Aries Way of Life

Sun sign astrology is always tricky because virtually everyone is in some way different from his or her Sun sign. This is only to be expected since there has never been a horoscope charted in which the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven and all the planets landed in just one sign. We are all a amalgam of several different signs.

This being said, occasionally I see a celebrity behaving in a manner so true to their Sun sign that I have to call it out. This was the case when I read about Amanda Bynes’ run-in with the law last week. Apparently, police entered her apartment in answer to a complaint and saw drug paraphernalia. Bynes, a quick-thinking young actress born on the third of April, tried to remove the incriminating object by throwing it out a window, while the cops were present.

Aries people do act on impulse. This is often their greatest strength. By following his or her impulses the Aries person can ride the flow of events the way a surfer rides a wave and achieve brilliant results. But when the Aries impulses fail, when the wave of events is misread, what happens next is never pretty.

Bynes has found herself in trouble with the law several times over the past year. Since we do not have a complete horoscope for her, it is difficult to say much about this. (Click here to see a horoscope for Amanda Bynes charted for noon.) However, she does have Mars in a conjunction with Neptune and this aspect often indicates self-destructive tendencies and an addictive personality.

Transiting Saturn is crossing Bynes natal Saturn right now. She’s gotten off rather lightly in her previous legal entanglements but this aspect indicates that the situation she is presently facing will be different. Saturn is all about paying our debts and Pluto is where we are forced to face our human failings, so Byrnes can’t expect much forbearance from the court.

Things really get interesting for Bynes next year when the famous square between Uranus and Pluto hits her natal Sun. It will be a period of tremendous change and transformation for her. In other words Bynes will be faced with a wave of monumental proportions. Whether she rides it to victory or “wipes out” remains to be seen..

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