Jolie’s Jupiter Makes Itself HeardJolie image

Angelina Jolie was born with Venus directly on her Ascendant so it is no wonder that she has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Recently though, Jolie has chosen to put aside her role as a model of feminine beauty and show us something about her Jupiter, which is conjunct her Midheaven. (Click here to see her chart.)

Jupiter on the Midheaven can manifest in many ways. It can indicate great success in one’s career. Jolie certainly has enjoyed this feature. It can also provoke excessive and thoughtless behavior. In the past, Jolie has done things that many people found strange and unwise. People with an exaggerated Jupiter are often expansive and to generous to a fault. Through her multinational adoptions, along with their own children, Jolie and her husband, Brad Pitt, have done the  "family thing" in a big way.

Jupiter is also the planet of philosophy, in particular ideas that energize and sustain the society in which we live. Jolie’s recent announcement that she had a preventive double mastectomy after learning that she was genetically predisposed to breast cancer has raised a lot of philosophical questions that are going to ripple through our society for a long while.

The chief question is whether it is better to know, or not know what illnesses are hidden in your genes. As scientists unlock more of these genetic codes are able to detest our susceptibility of more diseases, some preventable, some not, this is a question that many of us will face. And, of course, there are the concerns about privacy, health insurance and how this information might impact other areas of our lives.

For example, would you want to elect a president who had a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s? Would you marry a man who carried a gene that could cause autism? These are just some of the philosophical issues that have been brought to forefront by Jolie’s announcement.

Of course, astrology also shows predispositions to certain physical ailments but astrological symbolism can manifest is many ways. An aspect that might be attributed to heart disease in one person could coincide with a gambling addiction in another. Medical astrology certainly has its place but it was much more useful back in the days when very little was known about how the body worked and a horoscope was the closest thing we had an x-ray.

Does Jolie have an astrological predisposition to cancer? I’m not well versed in medical astrology but she does have Pluto, the planet most often associated with this disease, opposed to her Mars, an aspect that definitely could have some bad results. It was Jolie’s Mars that was being impacted, first by Pluto and then by Uranus, during the three months during which she underwent her mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. So maybe the actress did head off a disaster. Let’s all hope that this proves to be the case.

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