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Astrology and the Obama Scandals

Almost from the moment that Barack Obama was elected to a second term, conservatives in Congress have been shouting “scandal.” It started with the Benghazi tragedy, then there was the flap about the I.R.S. needling Tea Party Groups and now we have the controversy over the Justice Dept. subpoenaing the phone records of an Associated Press journalist.

The weight of these assorted scandals is debatable. Those of us old enough to remember Watergate or Iran-Contra or even the Bill Clinton sex scandals are probably not too impressed. Still, this has to be a troubling period for the President, if for no other reason than because all these congressional investigations distract attention from much more pressing problems.

There are some stressful aspects in Obama’s horoscope. (Click here to see Obama's chart.) Transiting Pluto and Uranus, are both impacting his natal Sun and Saturn is conjunct his Mars. Because of retrograde motion none of these aspects will not be exact until later this year or early in 2014.

The connection of Obama’s natal Sun to the Uranus/Pluto square is complex. The aspect to Pluto is a quincunx. This is an obscure aspect that brings us trouble in unexpected and indirect ways. Transiting quincunx aspects rarely coincide with significant events but they can represent irritating impediments. Meanwhile, the aspect to Uranus is a trine which indicates positive changes and possibly a bit of good luck for the President.

The conjunction of Saturn with his Mars is a more troubling aspect, particularly since it occurs in Obama’s 8th House. However, I see its influence as being more personal. There will possibly be concerns about the President’s health or physical well-being. This aspect completes in September and then will pass relatively quickly.

 A more problematic aspect is the opposition of transiting Neptune with Obama’s natal Pluto. Pluto rules the President’s 10th House so this aspect has a lot to do with the tainting of his public image and the denigration of his job performance. This is another aspect that won’t be finished until next year so we can expect the attacks on the Obama administration to continue for a long while.

In Obama’s secondary progressed horoscope, on the other hand, things are quite different. His progressed Venus is trine his natal Venus and square his natal Sun and his progressed Sun is trine his natal Moon and square in natal Venus. Where Venus is involved even squares have good results so I don’t see any of these current scandals (or the new ones that are bound to be dug up before next year) as having any real impact on the Obama’s popularity. The only problem with these aspects is that they encourage a passive state of mind and considering how determined some people are to blame this President for something, this kind of passivity will not be helpful.

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