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I use the term “horoscope” loosely here, since we do not have a time of birth for Jodi Arias. However, a chart done for noon on her birthday does have some interesting features. (Click here to see that chart.)

In my last article I talked about Mars square Pluto in the horoscope of Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Pluto is also prominent in the chart of Jodi Arias. It is square both her Sun and Mercury and trine her Venus (and possibly her Moon.)

Since I’ve written some pretty damning thing about Pluto recently, I feel the need to defend that precious dwarf planet. Pluto adds depth, concentration and will-power to whatever planet it aspects or whatever house it occupies. Pluto gives us intensity but it also gives us perspective. When we are in Pluto mode we recognize the inevitability of death and that awareness, once we really take it to heart, can make all the pains and irritations of living seem like blessings.

What interests me more that Pluto in Jodi Arias’ horoscope is the condition of her Mercury. As I said, it is in a close square with Pluto. It is also trines her Uranus and sextiles her Saturn. And her Mercury is in an almost exact quincunx with her Neptune. Arias’ Mercury, and therefore her capacity for rational problem solving, is under a lot of pressure from several sources.

When the subject is murder, astrologers generally look at Mars, but murder is not always the product of uncontrolled rage or an innate penchant for violence. Sometimes murder is the result of a series of very bad ideas. Though Mars may play a role, the real culprit can be a malfunctioning Mercury. From what I see in this partial horoscope, this was the case for Jodi Arias.

At the time of the murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, it was Arias’ Mercury that was being impacted by transiting planets. Jupiter was opposed to her Mercury and square her natal Saturn. Transiting Uranus was also involved. This could have been a liberating time for Arias, a time when her thinking broke free from past constraints and self-destructive patterns. Instead she got her first really bad idea.

Now Arias’ secondary progressed Mars in moving over her natal Pluto and squaring her natal Sun. This is a weighty aspect that carries all sort of grim foreboding, even if you’re not on trial for murder. Arias is being forced (Mars) to face some ugly truths (Pluto) about herself (the Sun,)

It is interesting that Arias said she would prefer a sentence of death to life in prison. It is easy to see Pluto’s influence in this remark. Pluto tends to welcome extremes. But Pluto is not just about death. It is also the planet of transformation. And as long as we are living, the possibility of a deep and soul cleansing transformation always remains a possibility. However, whether of not Jodi Arias will have a chance at such a transformation is now in the hands of a jury.

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