Game of Signs: An Astrological look at Game of Thrones

Part Ten

I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and the television (HBO) adaptation of those novels, Game of Thrones. I thought it might be fun to match some of the characters from this series with astrological signs. If you are not familiar with the books or the television series then proving my matches right or wrong might be an excellent reason to start watching and/or reading.

Today I want to look at a character that we’ve sort of skipped over in our run through the Starks and the Lannister’s. That’s King Robert Baratheon, the monarch whose death early in the story was the catalyst for everything that followed.

I see King Robert as a Sagittarius, but an exceptionally unfortunate Sagittarius. He is a man of action who was so good at what he did that he earned a desk job; a desk job that he hated and at which he was basically incompetent.

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and, even though they are not as naturally combative and Aries, Sagittarius people are always willing to take action when they see a wrong that needs to be righted. Robert was a resourceful and fiercely strong fighter who reacted to injustice meted out by the mad King Aerys with righteous anger. Unfortunately, once the fight was over, Robert’s stupendous Sagittarian energy lost its focus.

Some Sagittarians in Robert’s position might have taken to philosopher or religion in order to quell their boredom but Robert showed us another side of this sign. There is often a childish quality about Sagittarian people, a refusal to grow up. Sometimes this adds to their charm. Other times, it causes them to turn their backs on their responsibilities.

Robert became a king who preferred the hunt and the joust to dealing with budgets or politics. He depended on other people to attend to these details while he enjoyed wine (lots of wine), women (lots and lots of women) and maybe a little song. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter and when Sagittarian folks decide to over-indulge they do it in a big way.

Sagittarians are naturally honest people and they are typically unskilled in the arts of deception and false flattery. So Robert remained largely oblivious to the spying, duplicity and plotting that went on in his court. Likewise he seemed oblivious to the rage that simmered in the soul of his wife, Cersei, or the twisted personality of his son, Joffery. Of course, sometimes Sagittarians just choice to ignore this sort of skullduggery because noticing it would interrupt their fun. In either case, Robert paid for his ignorance with his life.

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