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Game of Signs: An Astrological look at Game of Thrones

Part Eight

I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and the television (HBO) adaptation of those novels, Game of Thrones. I thought it might be fun to match some of the characters from this series with astrological signs. If you are not familiar with the books or the television series then proving my matches right or wrong might be an excellent reason to start watching and/or reading.

Last time we looked at Tyrion Lannister. Today let’s discuss his adorable big sister, Cersei.


I know that Scorpio people must get tired of seeing their sign attributed to the villain in every piece of literature, but I’m afraid that Queen Cersei could hardly be any but a Scorpio. She possesses tremendous strength, as Scorpio folks often do, and a few rather serious character flaws, all attributable to this Fixed Water sign.

Cersei is a woman driven by grudges, some of which she has carried with her from childhood. She has never forgiven Tyrion for the death of her mother. Nor has she forgotten how rudely she was excluded by her father when it came time to teach her brothers the arts of war and politics. She played the role of an obedient daughter when her father arranged her marriage to Robert Baratheon but she hated every minute of it and she grew to hate King Robert as well when it became evident that he was still in love with Ned Stark’s sister, a woman long dead.

Cersei loves her children, particularly her oldest, Joffery, but her love is blind and tainted by all the negative emotions that are coursing through her veins. She is over-protective, overly indulgent and keenly aware of every person or circumstance that might threaten him or her relationship with him.

The Queen also loves her twin brother, Jamie, in a way that might be considered extreme. The incestuous sexual relationship she has with him might be the only happiness she has ever known. Scorpio people often have difficulty with trust. Even a reasonably well-adjusted Scorpio will likely have a limited number of people that he or she completely trusts. For Cersei that number has been reduced to one. Her twin is the only person she trusts and with whom she feels free to be herself.

People who have been watching the television series know that Cersei is a formidable player in the game of thrones and that she can match plots and counter-plots with the best of them. But she has her limitations. Cersei doesn’t realize the degree to which her emotional baggage disruptus her judgment and, after a while, that will become a serious problem for her.

Scorpio brings together all the sensitivity and subtlety of the Water element with the power and determination of the Fixed signs. It is a complex sign and covers a lot of ground. Next time we’ll examine a very different version of Scorpio in the character of Jamie Lannister.

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