Game of Signs: An Astrological look at Game of ThronesTyrion Image

Part Seven

I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and the television (HBO) adaptation of those novels, Game of Thrones. I thought it might be fun to match some of the characters from this series with astrological signs. If you are not familiar with the books or the television series then proving my matches right or wrong might be an excellent reason to start watching and/or reading.

We’ve gone through the Stark family. Now it’s time to look at the Lannisters. We’ll start with everyone’s favorite Lannister, Tyrion.

Tyrion is man with troubles. First of all, he was born a dwarf, not that this has been a great handicap. Tyrion’s intelligence and wit more than make up for what he might lack in height. But, it does make a difference to his imperious father who views his son’s deformity as a personal affront and is not shy about reminding Tyrion of his feelings. It doesn’t help that Tyrion’s mother died giving birth to him, further alienating his father and causing his elder sister, Cersei, to hate him as well.

Tyrion swings a mean battle-axe when he has to but his is primarily an intellectual. He knows books and he also knows people. He can be charming, disarmingly funny and coolly manipulative all at the same time. He is essentially a rationalist who uses his wits to make the best of every situation into which he is tossed. He is adaptable, quick-thinking and sometimes talks more than he should. Tyrion is the Gemini that every Gemini wants to be.

Tyrion likes to party. He gets back at his mean old dad by spending Lannister gold on whores, wine and various other indulgences. In true Gemini fashion, he seeks to cure for his unhappiness with constant distractions. That unhappiness is rooted in the fact that, for all his apparent self-confidence, Tyrion sees himself as a monster who will never be loved by any woman who doesn’t have a price tag.

Gemini’s are typically not deep thinkers. They tend to address their emotional hang-ups with the same rationality with which they solve every other problem. They are not blind to their weaknesses but they assume that as long as they can wrap their deficiencies up in a glib statement or two, they have the situation under control. That is not always the case.

People watching the television series have already seen Tyrion think and talk his way out of several deadly situations. They’ve also seen him find a woman who seems to love him for himself. Readers of the books know that Tyrion’s Gemini cleverness will continue to be tested, as will his relationship. Where it will all end exists, at the point, only in the mind of George R. R. Martin.

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