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Game of Signs: An Astrological look at Game of Thrones

Part Six

I’m a big fan of George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire and the television (HBO) adaptation of those novels, Game of Thrones. I thought it might be fun to match some of the characters from this series with astrological signs. If you are not familiar with the books or the television series then proving my matches right or wrong might be an excellent reason to start watching and/or reading.

Now let’s talk about Arya Stark. Arya is Ned and Catelyn Stark’s wild child, their tomboy. She can’t sit still for lessons on how to be a lady of the court. She wants to roughhouse with her brothers. Her behavior drives her tutor and her sister, Sansa, crazy but her father understands. Ned Stark hires an aging swordsman to train his youngest daughter. Needless to say, the aptly named Arya is an Aries.

One problem for Aries folks is finding a way to channel all their energy into constructive activity. Military organizations or athletics often serve to give Aries the discipline and structure they need. Arya flourishes under the instruction of her “dance master” and learns lessons that will serve her well in the future.

When her father is accused of treason, Arya evades capture (thanks to her trusty sword) and escaped Kings Landing with the help of a man bringing new recruits to The Wall. She has to disguise herself as a boy. Her disguise doesn’t last long but Aries people are rarely able to hide their true nature or the true feelings.

Along the way, through many adventures, Arya keeps a mental list of the people who have wronged her and her family. She puts herself to sleep at night by reciting their names. Anger can be a potent force for Aries. It can give the strength to do amazing things, but it can also poison their attitude and wreck their judgment.

Luckily for Arya, she saves the life of a mysterious stranger with extraordinary skills. He kills without leaving a trace and changes his face as if by magic. Before he leaves Arya, he tells her where to go and what to do in order to become a “faceless” assassin like him.

Aries people are fighters. They meet adversity head on with their dukes up. Right now in both the books and the television show, Arya is unequal to the forces she is trying to battle. Bigger, stronger and more powerful people are pushing her around. But we get the sense that this brave little girl will eventually find a way to match her enemies blow for blow, and that will be an exciting thing to watch.

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