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Stories of the Seventh House: Cher

In this series I am looking at the condition of the 7th House of marriage and partnership in the horoscopes of people famous for their relationship triumphs and tragedies. This time we’re going to consider Cher. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

Cher has Capricorn ruling her 7th House. According to long standing tradition in astrology, Capricorn ruling the 7th means a marriage to someone older. It can also indicate a marriage in which one party plays the parent to the other party’s child. Cher’s marriage to Sonny Bono was a classic example of this. He was not only eleven years older than her; he micro-managed her career from the very beginning.

The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is in the 1st House of Cher’s horoscope. This is not exactly the same thing that we saw with Bill Clinton, who had his 7th House ruler directly on his Ascendant, but it’s close. For much of her career Cher was not only tied to Sonny by marriage and business contracts, he was a part of her professional identity. During this period of her life, as far as public perception was concerned, there was no Cher without Sonny.

Saturn forms an opposition aspect to Cher’s Moon. This aspect is about confinement and emotional restriction. As she got older Cher began to chafe under Sonny’s parental control. She got tired of being the child in their relationship and the only way she could grow out of that role was to end the marriage.

It is interesting that in her next marriage, to bad boy musician Greg Allman, Cher reversed to Capricorn on the 7th polarity. In that marriage she acted as the parent to the substance addicted Allman. Unfortunately, that arrangement turned out to be a failure on both a personal and professional level.

Capricorn is a tough sign to have on the 7th House, particularly when Venus is not well placed. Cher’s Venus is in the 12th (the house of self-undoing) and receives no strong aspects. People with Capricorn ruling their 7th House often have to make hard decisions with regard to relationships and deal with adverse situations.

Cher had to sacrifice the partnership she had enjoyed with Sonny Bono in order to grow as a person and a performer. It couldn’t have been an easy decision to make and she has yet to find a relationship capable of replacing the one she lost. But the result was her rise from star to super star, and one of the great lessons that Capricorn and Saturn are here to teach us is that you don’t get that kind of payoff without making sacrifices.

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