Stories of the Seventh House: Bill ClintonBillClinton Image

In this series I am looking at the condition of the 7th House of marriage and partnership in the horoscopes of people famous for their relationship triumphs and tragedies. This time we’re going to consider President Bill Clinton. (Click here to his horoscope.)

Like Britney Spears, who was the subject of my last article, Bill Clinton has Aries ruling his 7th House and, again like Britney Spears, he has shown a tendency to enter into relationships impulsively and then regret his choices. The big difference between Spears and Clinton in this regard is that for Clinton these relationships have been in addition to his marriage, which has remained surprising stable despite his peccadilloes.

This difference is clearly explained in Clinton’s horoscope. Where Spears had Mars, the ruler of Aries and therefore her ruler of her 7th House, in Virgo in the 12th House, Clinton’s Mars is in Libra in a close conjunction with his Ascendant. When the ruler of a House is placed in the 12th it is usually bad news for the affairs of that House. But when the ruler of a House is placed on the Ascendant, then the matters associated with that House take on extraordinary importance.

What having the ruler of the 7th conjunct the Ascendant means is that Bill Clinton’s relationship with his wife is more than a marriage; it is part of his identity. It is part of the face he presents to the world. When Bill made his first run for public office, Hillary left an important job in Washington to help his campaign. They have been a close and highly efficient political team ever since. It’s no wonder that Hillary Clinton never seemed threatened by her husband’s extramarital affairs. Obviously, she understands that her importance to Bill goes far beyond sex.

Clinton’s Mars, along with his Venus and his Ascendant, are all in Libra. This only increases the importance of partnership and marriage in his life. People with Mars and/or Venus in Libra tend to romanticize marriage, to get caught up in the dream of a perfect partnership. Sex can be a part of that dreams but it is never the most significant part. Intellectual compatibility and shared ideals are always going to carry more weight.

The fact that Mars, Venus and the Ascendant are conjunct Clinton’s Neptune is also an important factor. Neptune can bring a spiritual quality to the bonds of partnerships and marriage but it can also bring scandal and deception. Bill Clinton has certainly taken double dips that part of Neptune’s symbolism in the course of his life. Even today it is hard to think about the Clinton’s marriage without also thinking about Gennifer, or Paula or Monica. This is a result of having the ruler of the 7th House and the Ascendant conjunct Neptune. The affairs of that House, along with Clinton’s public identity, will always be connected to these scandals.

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