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Stories of the Seventh House: Britney Spears

In this series I am looking at the condition of the 7th House of marriage and partnership in the horoscopes of people famous for their relationship triumphs and tragedies. This time we’re going to consider Britney Spears.

Britney Spears has Aries on the cusp of her 7th House. (Click here to see the horoscope.) People with Aries ruling their 7th House are at somewhat of a disadvantage. For one thing, they tend to enter into relationship impulsively, with breathless passion and then, once the impulse has passed and the passion is spent, regret their choices. Another problem with Aries on the 7th is a tendency to turn the marriage into a competition, either by seeking “trophy” partners or by approaching the relationship itself as if it were a contest.

Britney Spears as certainly been guilty of haste in her relationships. Her first marriage to a member of her entourage was a lark the she has annulled a few days later. Her second marriage to Kevin Federline also turned out to be another false start. Learning from these experiences, Spears took a little more time with her next important relationship. Her engagement to Jason Trawick lasted over a year before she abandoned plans to marry him.

As I said in my last article, what happens in the 7th House is influenced by the placement of Mars and Venus. Spears has Mars in Virgo and Venus in Capricorn. This gives her a practical outlook when it comes to relationships. Her Mars is square Neptune so when her passion is stirred she can, momentarily, become a starry-eyed romanticist but, in the end, this romanticism is tempered by a strong dose of realism.

Mars plays a double role in Spears’ horoscope. It is also the ruler of Aries and, therefore, a kind of roving representative of the affairs of the 7th House. The placement of the planet ruling the 7th House gives us another clue as to how a person will handle marriage. In Spears’ horoscope Mars in is the 12th House of confinement and self-undoing. This tells us that marriage and partnerships are going to be the area of life in which Spears will meet the most obstacles (many of them self imposed) and have to work the hardest to find success. The square between Mars and Neptune reinforces this situation.

Another problem for Spears with regard to relationships is the square between her Venus and Pluto. I’ve talked about the aspect in a previous article. It shows us that power is always going to be an inhibiting factor when it comes to her love life. Her break-up with Trawick apparently had something to do with his control over the court ordered conservatorship of Spears income. This tendency falls in with the competitiveness of Aries ruling the Seventh House. Spears needs to be the “boss” in her relationships but, at the same time, she’s attracted to men who project power and control.

There is one bright spot in the tangled mess that is surrounds Britney Spears’ 7th House. Her Venus, which rules Libra and her 1st House, forms a trine to Mars, the ruler of her 7th. This, and the fact that she has Libra rising, tells us that Spears really wants to be married. She needs a partner she can rely on and she will benefit greatly from a sound marriage. Driven by this strong desire, Spears will eventually find a relationship that works for her. She just has to first do a lot of work on herself.

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